Samosas for lunch


Who knew, vegan samosas right in downtown Saskatoon. I went to Asian Taste restaurant (101-3rd Ave North, Saskatoon) for lunch today (and I might be updating from work, shhh, it’s a slow day) just to give it a try. I’ve walked by it over a dozen times, and every time I’ve meant to ask about their food, but haven’t gotten around to it.

It was pretty decent. Stuffed with just spiced potato, and deep fried. They also have roti (the Naan has butter in it) and potato pakoras. I didn’t ask about anything else, but I’m tempted to give one of their lunch or dinner buffets a try while I am still in town. One thing Edmonton is great for, is East Indian food.

Prices are all quite reasonable. I paid a dollar for my samosa, and it was a decent size. The highest priced item on the menu is under 10$ (and that’s a meat dish anyway.) There are a few items on the menu that sound promising. I’ll have to check it out some more.

Oh and by the way, there is a Raw food potluck happening again next week. Since it’ll be the last month I’m in Saskatoon, I’m going to make darn sure I attend. Come check it out. It’s happening on Wednesday April 14th, in the lower level hall of Grace-Westminster United Church (505 – 10th Street East, Saskatoon) You can find out more information, or about future potlucks on and/or join the group on facebook