PAX East – We’re going to Boston Today!

We’re going to Boston, MA for PAX East today. Picking up some sweet airfare deals on Porter and planning our trip two months in advance was very out of character for both of us, but it worked out. Well, somewhat. We messed up JC’s family dinner Passover plans by leaving on the first day of Passover, so we celebrated with everyone yesterday instead.

Pax East Badges

This is my second time going to Boston for PAX East. The first time I made a list of hopeful destinations, including restaurants, art galleries, and large world renown educational institutions. But it didn’t happen. As a volunteer at the convention (aka, an Enforcer) I was kept extremely busy, and had an absolutely amazing time at the convention, even though I spent most of it by the Naga Theatre with the rest of the crew.

This is JC’s first time at PAX, and I just know he’s going to have an awesome time. In the various ways that I’m a nerd, he is a nerd^5, so I’m glad he’s joining me this time. I’m also not volunteering this year due to time constraints, so I’m looking forward to experiencing more of Boston and the surrounding area, and finally getting to my list of things to see!

Unfortunately we’ll be arriving in Boston after 4:30, so we wont get to participate in some of the sessions I really wanted to go to, like

I’m hoping to get in early enough to check out

  • Chiptunes! (Merman Theatre) between 5:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Why Socially Enabled Games are Important to Gamers with Disabilities at 6pm – 7pm (Cat Theatre)
  • Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary (Arachnid Theatre) 10pm – 12:30pm.

We didn’t manage to get Saturday passes, so some real Boston exploration will be possible. I’m not sure what JC has on his agenda, but mine involves eating something delicious and finally going to Harvard.