Boston – Grasshopper Vegetarian Restaurant

After our last day at PAX East we opted to check out Grasshopper Vegetarian Restaurant. Once we got over there it was kind of funny… it was pretty much next to Peace O’Pie but we hadn’t even noticed in our myopic pizza quest the night before (and also probably didn’t notice because it was pretty dark outside.)


Grasshopper Vegetarian has a casual atmosphere and friendly unintrusive service. There was a group of boys that went next door and brought in their own “drinks,” which I thought was incredibly weird on their part but somewhat nice on the part of the restaurant.

The menu is extensive with lots of options and different flavours to choose from. We started with the hot and sour soup, not so spicy, but quite tasty.

Grasshopper - Hot and Sour Soup

I’d recommend trying the House Special Assorted Appetizers: Vermicelli Rolls, Fried Wonton, Fried Dumpling, Fried Bean Cakes, and Fried Spring Rolls. It’s a great way to try all of their fried appetizers, and also get a few pieces of the soft vermicelli rolls and it comes with three different dipping sauces.


JC ordered the Kale & Mushroom Delight, a combo of kale, white mushrooms, tofu and beef style gluten. The portion was huge, and there was SO MUCH KALE.


Grasshopper seems to be known for it’s vegan lobster, and last year I had wanted to check the place out solely for that reason. The novelty of it was just too appealing. Well this time, I did!


Saucy ginger covered fried and shaped yuba/bean curd sheet, stuffed with mashed up tofu, seitan, scallions, and other mystery, covered in watercress, ginger, and scallions I’ve never eaten a real lobster, so I don’t have any point of reference. It was definitely interesting, but maybe not something I’d ever order again. Though I’m not saying this because it’s bad, just that I’ve crossed it off my mental To Eat list, so it’s done!

We went for one last dessert at Peace O’Pie, the banana chocolate, and I again debated ordering the bread sticks to go, and this time, I totally should have. It would have made a great breakfast.

Peace O'Pie - pie

Grasshopper Restaurant
Address: 1 N Beacon St, Allston, MA

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just got back from Boston, and I wish I had known about this restaurant! Well, fortunately I was able to go to some fabulous places anyway. One was a French-Cambodian place called Elephant Walk, which offered vegan and gluten-free entrees. Another was at Cafe Jaffa, between Boylston and Newbery near the Prudential Center, for felafel. Two were in Rhode Island. Thanks for this tip – I’ll look for it on my next trip!

    • Fantastic! Those sound great (especially Elephant Walk) I’d definitely recommend Peace O’Pie or True Bistro if you are in the Boston area again!