The Vegan Drop-in Dinner at the Depanneur – Kalmplex’s Hearty Jamaican Soup

The Vegan Drop-in Dinner at the Depanneur

Another day, another Friday night vegan drop-in dinner at the Depanneur (1033 College St, Toronto.) Last week’s drop-in dinner with Emily Z was reason enough to go for a second visit. This might turn into a thing, it seems to be heading in that direction.

The Vegan Drop-in Dinner at the Depanneur

This Friday’s drop-in dinner was with Chef Kalmplex, and we were treated to a hearty Jamaican soup, with spelt dumplings and a delicious side salad (with avocados.) There was also Kalmplex’s signature hot sauce availible which was spicy and delicious and I wanted to drink a vat of it.

The Vegan Drop-in Dinner at the Depanneur

But instead I had to be satisfied with a cup of delicious Ontario pear juice. And let me tell you, it was satisfying.

The Vegan Drop-in Dinner at the Depanneur

I don’t think I’m ever going to have anything bad to say about these dinners (I hope) because I like the atmosphere. Sure JC and I just huddled in a corner hovering over our soup like an anti-social clique of two. But the atmosphere is generally social, so you feel like chatting with total strangers might just be okay in this little food friendly environment.

We’re going to miss the April 1st Dinner at The Dep, and I’m sad about it, but word is that there are still spots available. You can still sign up here.

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