Healthy Fit Vegan Action – Training for the WWF CN Tower Climb.

So sometime earlier in March (okay March 5th) I had expressed a feeling of malaise, and just generally not feeling as healthy as I could be. I made several positive changes, but not all of the goals I’ve set out to complete have happened. I’ve been picking better quality lunches (but still haven’t been bringing a lunch), I’ve been walking home most days (6-7km), and taking the stairs at work (to the 9th floor).

But we’re stepping it up. We joined a gym – Totum Fitness for the next two months to see how it works for us. I do well with having a gym membership, because I actually GO when I have one. They have a variety of classes that I’m interested in trying – especially Intro to Crossfit at 6:30 am on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 7:00pm. There is also something called “restorative” Pilates which sounds like it might be useful for me, especially with my history of mysterious lower back pain.

The main thing I need to do, is actually go. A big problem is that I stop myself from going for some stupid reason or other, or I let myself get discouraged by other people. No more! April is a good month for change. Spring is a good time to stop hiding inside (even though we definitely haven’t been doing that) and get out and take on the city.

I’ll be tracking my activities on Fitocracy, so if you’re on there, please look me up, and if you haven’t used Fitocracy yet and wanted an invite, feel free to use this invite link to sign up!

CN Tower

I also realized I needed to start training for the World Wildlife Fund’s CN Tower Climb on April 21st, 2012. It’s 1776 steps to the top, so it’ll be quite the climb. Someone went up there in a little over 10 minutes last year, which seems… unbelievable, but I’m looking forward to doing my best). For the next few weeks, the StairClimber at the gym will be my nemesis and very close friend.

CN Tower

I’m still waiting on confirmation that I can wear my Vibram 5-fingers on the climb, because if I can’t, I will be VERY VERY disappointed (and I’ll end up wearing the same light thin new balance shoes in the above picture)


I received a response (fast too) about my Vibram question.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for registering for the 22nd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada!  You are more than welcome to wear the Vibram fivefinger shoes.  They are a relatively new style of athletic shoes, but we have had this request before so we are going to allow them.

Thanks for supporting WWF Canada,

If you’re feeling generous, please feel free to sponsor me or join in, there is still time!