Notes from VVCIII – Preventing Ex-Vegans. 10 Strategies to Maximize Long-Term Success on Vegan Diets – Ginny Messina

Saturday Session – Preventing Ex-Vegans – 10 Strategies to Maximize Long-Term Success on Vegan Diets – Virginia Messina, MPH, RD Reasons People Stop Being Vegan Health concerns Not confident they’re meeting their nutritional needs Lack of social support Lack of convenience Missed taste of animal foods (meat/cheese) Didn’t see diet as part of their identity Found […]

Notes from VVCIII – Science is Awesome – Matt Rusigno

I wanted to share some of my notes from day one of Vida Vegan Con and some of the talks I attended. On day one – I went to Matt Rusigno’s talk Science is Awesome! – Why we don’t need to exaggerate health claims about veganism.   Matt Rusigno started off by telling us that with everything […]

Austin, TX – I’ve made it to Vida Vegan Con 2015 after all.

For the last few months I’ve been waffling about going to Vida Vegan Con in Austin, Texas. JC and I have been working on a business, and everything was coming together for a launch right around the end of May/beginning of June. That’s all still true and we are still launching a business very soon, […]

VidaVeganCon – Day Two Recap! TL;DR? – It was awesome.

I woke up too early on Sunday, mostly because I was still on Eastern Time, but it gave me the opportunity to run around the Rose Quarter for a few miles before it was time for breakfast! Of course, I ended up arriving much too early, and paced around hungrily (snacking on mini larabars) until […]

Vida Vegan Con – Day One!

My inner monologue has changed from “I can’t wait” to “I can’t believe it’s over!” Or maybe… “I can’t wait until the next one in 2013…” To really sum it up, this weekend’s Vida Vegan Con was an incredible and inspirational experience. The organizers (and the other volunteers!) did such an amazing job bringing all […]