Ode to Pretzels

I love soft pretzels. Those commercially availible SuperPretzels burrowed their way into my heart when I was working at a hospital years ago and the only vegan option was either that, or some lettuce (and I’m not even kidding.) When I went to Denver for the first time in 2006 I realized in one quick […]

Samosas for lunch

Who knew, vegan samosas right in downtown Saskatoon. I went to Asian Taste restaurant (101-3rd Ave North, Saskatoon) for lunch today (and I might be updating from work, shhh, it’s a slow day) just to give it a try. I’ve walked by it over a dozen times, and every time I’ve meant to ask about […]


So this past weekend I didn’t cook anything. I depended on my high powered blender and not much else. So what did I end up eating, a lot of spinach soup (since I have a 1kg bag I need to use up before it gets yucky,) an avocado gazpacho, lot’s of bananas, 5 different kind […]