Prairie Girl Bakery – New Vegan Cupcakes in Toronto

Vegan Cupcake Toronto - Prairie Girl Bakery - Vanilla Coconut

Prairie Girl Bakery opened it’s first location on King and Victoria in 2011, the same year I moved to Toronto… from the Prairies. The owner is originally from Saskatoon, where I lived for several years, and I appreciate that she takes pride in her Prairie roots, because so do I. Since that time, they have added two more locations, one in First Canadian Place, and one in Yorkville. So when Prairie Girl Bakery reached out last week and said they were launching a line of vegan cupcakes, I couldn’t wait to try them. I really couldn’t. They offered me a free sample pack of mini cupcakes to try, (and full disclosure: I’m totally taking advantage of that offer next week) BUT, I also picked up a half dozen cupcakes this morning to share with friends (because I’m nice like that.) I walked over to their First Canadian Place location (lower level), and thankfully got there before the lunch rush. Their counter person was very friendly and helpful, and the whole process probably only took 4-5 minutes. Conveniently, they had 6 different varieties of vegan cupcakes to choose from; so I got one of each and waited patiently to try them. And when I did, my only complaint was that they were too big (…for me to effectively stuff in my mouth.)

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Day one of Veggielicious – Rawlicious in the Junction and Bunner’s (of course!)

Today was the first day of Veggielicious, and a group of us headed to Rawlicious in the Junction to take advantage of the specials. I’ve never been to Rawlicious (3092 Dundas Street West, Toronto), so it was a great opportunity to try out a new restaurant and its close proximity to Bunners Bake Shop (3054 Dundas Street West, Toronto) didn’t hurt either. Rawlicious was having a special for a smoothie and a wrap plus a side salad for $15. I opted for the ChocoMinty smoothie, which is made with nutmilk, banana, raw chocolate powder, agave and peppermint, and it was really pleasant but I think the next time I try them I’ll have to get the creamsicle one. I watched a friend’s expression change from indifferent to ecstatic in a matter of seconds after drinking in a bit of that smoothie, so clearly, have to try it. Pardon the cellphone photos, I’ll be getting my real camera back in action tomorrow. I asked our server which of the wraps she’d recommend and I’m glad I followed her advice, while the cesar wrap sounded delicious, I went with the taco one. Major selling point of the taco wrap – the fresh guacamole and the salsa nut cheese combo. It also had a seasoned nut based meat, chopped tomatoes and lettuce, all wrapped up in a collard green leaf. Hearty and delicious. I left Rawlicious feeling full and totally satisfied. However, when in The Junction, I can’t help but stop into Bunner’s…

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Last few days in Philly – More Walking and food heaven at Horizons.

My trip to Philadelphia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Philadelphia Art Gallery, to satisfy my inner art nerd, and taking a trip over to Horizons, to satisfy my inner vegan foodie glutton, and luckily, I was able to do both. On Saturday a friend from New York came to visit me in Philly. It always amazes me how easy it is to get around on the east coast. I showed him Sweet Freedom Bakery, it was a great excuse to visit again, but the main reason he came other then to walk around Philly with me, was to go to Horizons restaurant. It wasn’t exactly an ideal day for exploring. The city was at about 96% humidity and covered in a warm (to me) mist, so I didn’t take many pictures of our galivanting around the city for fear of camera destruction. Though we probably walked over 10 miles just because we(I) felt like it. Eventually we walked over to Horizons (611 S. 7th Street Philadelphia, PA) and I couldn’t help but say to myself… this isn’t where I expected this place to be. But it didn’t matter. We walked in, excited, salivating, overjoyed, it’s hard to live up to the hype, but I think for the most part it did. The Host was friendly and sat us  upstairs and onto the side. It was night time, and the restaurant is quite dim and intimate, so conditions weren’t ideal for picture taking. I apologize in advance, I did the…

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