Day one of Veggielicious – Rawlicious in the Junction and Bunner’s (of course!)

Today was the first day of Veggielicious, and a group of us headed to Rawlicious in the Junction to take advantage of the specials. I’ve never been to Rawlicious (3092 Dundas Street West, Toronto), so it was a great opportunity to try out a new restaurant and its close proximity to Bunners Bake Shop (3054 Dundas Street West, Toronto) didn’t hurt either.

Rawlicious was having a special for a smoothie and a wrap plus a side salad for $15. I opted for the ChocoMinty smoothie, which is made with nutmilk, banana, raw chocolate powder, agave and peppermint, and it was really pleasant but I think the next time I try them I’ll have to get the creamsicle one. I watched a friend’s expression change from indifferent to ecstatic in a matter of seconds after drinking in a bit of that smoothie, so clearly, have to try it. Pardon the cellphone photos, I’ll be getting my real camera back in action tomorrow.

2011-04-09 13.27.19

I asked our server which of the wraps she’d recommend and I’m glad I followed her advice, while the cesar wrap sounded delicious, I went with the taco one. Major selling point of the taco wrap – the fresh guacamole and the salsa nut cheese combo. It also had a seasoned nut based meat, chopped tomatoes and lettuce, all wrapped up in a collard green leaf. Hearty and delicious. I left Rawlicious feeling full and totally satisfied.

2011-04-09 13.32.50

However, when in The Junction, I can’t help but stop into Bunner’s Bake Shop, which just happens to have a veggielicious special going on too. It’s just a short 1 minute walk from Rawlicious so it was a must do. Their veggielicious snack pack includes your choice of creamie (kind of like a whoopie pie), any one of their awesome cupcakes and the always phenomenal gypsy cookie for $7.50. A friend and I also grabbed the last two creme eggs of the day. So glad we made it in time.

2011-04-09 14.05.31

Both the chocolate and the filling were so rich I was really glad I had someone to share it with. All in all, a great first Veggielicious day. I’m really looking forward to trying some of the other restaurants on the list!

2011-04-09 14.11.02

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  1. Haven't been to a raw restaurant so far, looks good!!