Vegan MoFo – What am I going to write about?

The Vegan Month of Food (aka VeganMoFo) is coming up soon (okay it’s not for another couple of weeks, but I’m excited) and I’m trying to decide what to do (and I’m not the only one). Last year’s theme of vegan travel (and planning) was fun to do, and ended up quite useful for when I had the opportunity to visit different places around the east coast this past spring. Having a theme made it easier to keep inspired and writing, especially since I don’t usually write everyday (though maybe I should start.)

My partner is getting excited at the prospect of Vegan MoFo, because he thinks it means that I’ll be cooking something pretty everyday (maybe?) and I’m worried I’ll just end up posting pictures of my cat reading a vegan cookbook every day (also a possibility.)

I’ve narrowed it down to:

  • no theme at all. Write anything, and just be happy I managed to come up with something that day.
  • vegan travel again (if I’m feeling especially uncreative)
  • cooking my way through a vegan cookbook
  • cooking my way through a non-vegan cookbook
  • baking something new everyday, from any particular cookbook, blog, email, whatever I can find.
  • Cooking with a new vegetable every day.
  • Veganized Polish recipes. (which I’m sure would be inspired by Polish Vegan Kitchen)
  • Or a themed day of the week.
Any suggestions or preferences? 

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