Vegan MoFo – How do days disappear?

Someone sent me an email regarding MoFo, asking me what was up and if anything was wrong. That’s the kind of nice VeganMoFo’ery that makes this such a great community. Yes, I’m okay. Everyday I write part of an entry and then get distracted with some other task. Bad MeShell. Bad! To my credit, I did manage to post every day until Middle Of MoFo on Thursday.

I had the opportunity to introduce my partner One Love Vegetarian (854 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON) recently. While we had enjoyed their delicious soup at Soupalicious earlier this month, eating at their sit down location makes it extra fun and delicious.


I also wanted to mention that if you’re a local to lovely Toronto, Veggie Drinks is happening 7pm Thursday October 20th at Free Times Cafe (320 College St, Toronto). There will be two short presentations starting at 8pm. One by the ever talented photographer, videographer and vegan Karol Orzechowski – about his film Maximum Tolerated Dose (be a fan of the film on facebook.) And there will be another one that evening… but it’s TBD. So hopefully you can make it! I’m going to try and be there too!

In anycase, today I made a stuffed pepper squash for lunch. Throw in some rice, lentils, chopped up veggies in a pot, cook, and stuff a pepper squash with it, and you have yourself a fabulous meal (and hey, it’s even full of protein, vitamins and delightful complex carbohydrates). It didn’t last long enough for a photo, but it looked pretty much identical to my thanksgiving stuffed squash, so instead I’ll leave you with the video I forgot to put up on Caturday.

2 Responses

  1. That bowl of soup looks divine! I love the bowl too. So pretty. VeganMofo is exhausting! I'm getting so fat. Not a good month to be on a diet! 🙂

  2. It's definitely not a good month to be on a diet. Every year it makes me realize I need more friends that like eating (since so many of them ARE on a diet. Sigh).

    I think I'm going to call November VeganMoRo – the month of running. ;D