Vegan Mofo: Day 2.5 – Not Following a Theme – Quinoa Crusted "Chicken"

So, it’s almost midnight and the post I’ve been eagerly working for the day on is not quite finished. So in lieu, I want to talk about how I actually cooked myself a (nice big) meal for dinner yesterday, which doesn’t happen very often. After getting back from New York City yesterday morning I felt completely beat down. It’s amazing how exhausting an overnight bus ride for 12 hours can be.

So this meal was a protein extravaganza, but I feel I should mention that I didn’t eat both pieces of “chicken”. This was so damn tasty and exactly what I felt I needed after a long day of travelling.

Quinoa crusted chicken cutlets with pepper squash

So someone asked me for a recipe for this, and I suck at writing recipes, so here let me demonstrate.

You’ll need:
About a cup of uncooked quinoa (whatever colour you feel like using. I used white)
Some bread crumbs. (however much you want, there is only so much breadcrumb that can attach itself to the cutlet.
oregano & salt to taste
olive oil
1/4 white onion, chopped
Gardien Dijon cutlets

Preheat the oil on medium, and throw in the chopped onion, fry until glazed. Mix the quinoa, oregano and the breadcrumbs in a small bowl, throw in a dash of salt. You need to make sure the cutlet is moist because otherwise nothing will stick to it, throw it in the bowl, flip it over and make sure it’s covered with the quinoa bread goodness.

Throw it in the pan with the chopped onions. Fry it up untill it looks like something you want to eat, the quinoa tastes really good fried. Give it a try!

5 Responses

  1. haha. Thanks!

    You didn't miss anything, but that's how I prove my ineptitude at sharing a recipe. 😀

    I used Gardien's chicken cutlets for this one.

  2. So you can fry quinoa without cooking it? Does it get toothy?

    Also, you're gonna do Chicago right? Just asking ;-P

  3. It turned out great, not toothy, more lightly crunchy. I love the texture of it when it's baked or fried.

    And chicago is definitely on the agenda. so much good stuff there!

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