Vegan MoFo: Day 1!

Oh Vegan Mofo. Every year I start strong (or maybe just with the best intentions of starting strong), and lose energy right in the middle of the month. But then, I post a bunch during the last week. I’m aiming to do better this year. October is a big month of food here, it’s harvest and apple picking season, Canadians (like me) celebrate thanksgiving, and all sorts of autumn events are happening this month.

This time around I’ve opted to do a themed day to keep myself motivated, and keep things fun in the kitchen. Hopefully it’ll stick.

I’m also aiming to leave at least five comments on blogs every day, because I read so many blogs everyday, and sometimes I’m just too shy to say anything, but I want to break out of that habit. Starting today!

My themes are (subject to change…) but I’m thinking:

MoFo Monday – where I take a recipe I find from a fellow MoFo’er (or more) and make it at home.
Terrific Tuesday Tasty Treats – Baked tasty treats! How can I go wrong? I can’t!
Gluten Free Hump Day every Wednesday – I will be recipe testing a gluten free cookbook this month (and probably November) and experimenting with gluten free baking, so I’ll be sharing the process (but not the recipes!)
Things I love Thursday – I make a list of things I love every week on Thursday, but I rarely share it publicly, but I think it would be nice to share it this month. It’s just a nice way to break up the week, and increase positive energy, and plus, vegan food items of one sort or another, are always on my list.
Free For All Friday – Who knows!
Caturday – I plan to talk about my cat. So there. Meow.
Special Event Sunday – There are lots of awesome food related things going on locally, or special holidays like thanksgiving, and I want to blog all about them.

I’m really excited about October, and I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and get cooking! Thanks for reading!

Some of today’s MoFo’er posts I’ve really enjoyed:
Pumpkin Spice Cheap O Chino from Busy Vegan (and probably one of the items I’ll be making on MoFo’er Monday.)
Super Easy Cashew Milk from Easting with Edie.
What’s in your Slow Cooker? – From Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking. – Food Porn. Seriously.
South Coast Vegan Cookzine – I love zines, and I love cooking. Put them together and I’m gleeful. Hannah has shared four of her entire cookzines in jpg form so far.

There are already so many fantastic posts in the VeganMoFo RSS feed. Check it out and subscribe!

8 Responses

  1. I love your themes, I'm especially looking forward to your tasty treats on tuesdays & the things you love on Thursdays. Also I like your goal of posting comments, don't be shy people love getting comments.

  2. Love the themes!.. I haven't been able to come up with any for my blog except the obvious of cheat eating..

  3. I love your plan — it should make for some great posts. Good luck sticking with it (or changing it if you want) for the whole month. I agree with you that it's really hard to come up with so many posts!