Vegan MoFo: Coming soon! And Stuffed Collard Green Rolls with Black Rice mmmm.

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I’ve been trying to think of a theme for next month’s Vegan Month of Food (aka, VeganMoFo) and I’m having a hard time narrowing it down. But I think I’ve come up with something that I’m going to have a really fun time doing, and it fits in with one of my favourite things to do! You better believe I’m being vague. Come back on November 1st for the first edition of whatever it is I’m doing. Either way, I’m so excited.

A few days ago I was talking with my mom while wandering through the grocery store and I was looking at all the nice big leafy veggies like kale, swiss chard, collard greens, and she gave me the idea of using one of those in the place of cabbage in one of my old favourites, cabbage rolls! So I bought a bunch and forgot about the collard greens in the fridge for a a week or two. Today seemed like the day to make something with it.

I didn’t follow a recipe, but there are lots of great ones for Collard Green Rolls, though I’m partial to this one. I boiled some water and steamed the collard green leaves for a few minutes. Made a filling of black rice, TVP, scallions, onions, garlic, black pepper, chopped collard greens, chili peppers and a touch of salt.

Collard green Rolls

Then I poured some tomato sauce all over it, and left it simmering on the stove for about ten minutes. Total yumfest.

Collard Green Rolls

Next time I’m going to steam the collard greens for a bit longer and use a mallet to tenderize them because they were still a bit tough, but I liked them the way they were anyway.

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