Vegan Baked Treats in Toronto

Vegan Boston Cream Donuts

I have a sweet tooth, that much is probably obvious to anyone that knows me (or has ever read this blog). It’s a rare occurrence that I don’t pick up dessert… or consider skipping a regular meal in favour of something sweet (though, this includes fruit…) In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to indulge in (arguably) the best baked goods in Toronto. Hot Beans(160 Baldwin St. Toronto) in Kensington Market and Bunner’s Bake Shop (3054 Dundas West, Toronto) in The Junction keep putting out deliciousness, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that vegan baked treats are fantastic. Bunner’s goes a step further in proving that it’s possible to make gluten free baked treats that are fluffy and delicious.

Vegan Donuts from Hot Beans Toronto

I watched one of the folks at Hot Beans make Boston Cream Donuts on Friday. I sat there, appreciating the process and waiting for a friend. She wasn’t stingy with the filling (it is always been disappointing to bite into a nearly empty “filled” donut.) There was a healthy layer of chocolate on top and an unbeatably fresh, fluffy, deep-fried donut to bite into. I ordered two… one for right away… and one “for a friend” (really, it was for a friend, but he was kind enough to share Donut#2 with me.) In this case I think pictures speak louder than words, and I look forward to the future appearance of these donuts, because much like the espresso glaze and the lime coconut, the Boston cream donut is a total winner.

On Saturday we walked over to High Park to capitalize on the great weather and to take a look at the recent appearance of cherry blossoms near Grenadier Pond. The park is beautiful and worth checking out if you’re in the neighbourhood (and even if you’re not!)

Vegan mini donut
Bunner's Bake Shop Creamies

Bunner’s Bake Shop is permanently linked in my memory with any mention of High Park (mostly because that’s the TTC stop I get off at to get there), so I suggested we could stop in and pick up a few treats. Perfect timing. Vegan butter tarts, fresh out of the oven (and so ooooey goooey melty buttery good). There were mini donuts, which aren’t quite like the mini donuts of my childhood memories, but they came so close, that it was impressive. My friend picked up a box full of baked goods as a house warming gift, and everyone (including omnivores and gluten enthusiasts) seemed to really like everything.

Vegan Butter Tart
Creamies from Bunners Bake Shop Toronto

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