Udupi Palace – another day, another veggielicious visit.

So the last few days of Veggielicious remained and we played catch up to take advantage of what was out there. This past weekend we went over to Gerrard street to try Udupi Palace’s Veggielicious special. It ended up being their usual special plate, but it included a free soda, which wasn’t all that exciting, since I’m not a heavy soda drinker. That said, their normal prices aren’t all that expensive so, either way, it wasn’t a bad deal.

We started with the chili pakoras. The delightfully hollow chilies acted as the perfect chutney conveyance.

2011-04-22 16.45.52 2011-04-22 16.51.10

We ordered the mysore masala dosa and the masala dosa, but I’m not sure which one I ended up with. Either way, the dosa filling was delicious; fragrant potato and onion with spices. The Udupi special plate came with idli  (lentil and rice flour patties) and medu vada (a lentil flour donut). If I came back, I’d probably skip either of those and opt for a side of onion pakoras instead. Both the idli and the medu vada were entirely flavourless (to me at least, and yes, I’ve had them before), once again, chutney (one of which was made with coconut!) and sambhar save the day.


I know I’m not alone in saying that the whole Veggielicious event made me aware of more restaurants in the GTA (and beyond), and put more places on my radar than before. I look forward to next year (Or heck, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a winter veggielicious AND a summer veggielicious? A girl can dream right?)

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