Toronto Festival of Beer 2013 – What’s Vegan?

The Toronto Festival of Beer is coming up this weekend, and like last year, I’ve put together a list of vegan friendly options.

I had a great time at the 2012 Toronto Festival of Beer, and enjoyed talking to all the different creators and beer enthusiasts. I like learning more about the science and the craft behind creating new and interesting flavours, and I think many of the people at these festivals get that. Nerding out over food & beverage science is one of the things I really enjoy.

Toronto Festival of Beer - 2012

There will be over 60 brewers featuring more than 200 brands from all over the globe participating in this event. They will also be featuring a “World of Beer Pavilion” – featuring West Coast Brewers from BC, Washington, Oregon, and California.

Some Q&A:

So, why wouldn’t beer be vegan friendly?

Sometimes during the manufacturing process alcoholic drinks can contain things like milk, eggs, honey, or get processed or filtered with animal derived products like isinglass, egg albumin, or gelatin.

Some people don’t care, some people do care, some people don’t even consider it. Do what you’d like to with this information.

Why am I making a list of vegan friendly brewers and products at the Toronto Festival of Beer?

1. Because I’m going to the festival, I am vegan, and I want to drink without thinking about potentially unethical ingredients and processes.
2. Because I like supporting brewers, producers, and distillers of products that also happen to be vegan friendly.
3. I’m curious about methods of production, and like connecting with producers to find out more about how they create their product.

So who’s going to be there, and what are they showing off?

You can see the full Exhibitors list here on the Toronto Festival of Beer exhibitors page. This year, you can also download the Toronto Festival of Beer app for Android or iPhone and see the map here

Toronto Beer Fest 2013 iPhone App

My list will contain the companies I’ve heard back from, or companies I’ve researched one way or another. The source of information will be listed, next to the company, where in most cases you can see more information and determine whether the answer works for you.

This list might not include everyone that will be at the event, but I’ve made best efforts to collect all the information and add it to this list:

This year’s World of Beer Pavilion features  West Coast Brewers:

Barrel Brews

  • Beaus All Natural Brewing Company – Greener Futures Project 
  • Flying Monkeys – The Matador Imperial IPA
  • Sawdust City Brewing Co – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Bier
  • Great Lakes Brewery
  • Nickel Brook – Old Kentucky Bastard – Vegan –  as per Twitter


There are not many vegan options for food at this event. Last year we ate a bunch of potato chips some gravy-less fries from Smoke’s.

Toronto Festival of Beer - 2012

These were suggested as potential food venue options, but are not 100%:

  • Blue Goose Pure Foods
  • Craft Eatery
  • Ontario Corn Roasters – just skip the butter.
  • Smoke’s Poutinerie

Key Information

Event: Toronto Beer Festival
When: July 27th – July 29th
Where: (location details) Bandshell Park in Exhibition Place, Toronto, ON
How Much: 39.50 (you can still buy tickets online for Sunday. The rest are SOLD OUT.)

Hashtag: #BeerMe