This month in Toronto Vegan Crowdfunding

There are 2 Toronto Vegan Businesses looking for support right now.

(Are there more? Please let me know.)

Nona Vegan Sauces

I’ve written about one of them before a whole bunch and my love of their sauces – First of all – Soul to Bowl Sauces is now Nona Vegan Foods

The creator and owner of Soul to Bowl, Kailey Gilchrist, is trying to expand her business, increase the shelf-life of her product, while unfortunately also needing to re-brand due to someone else staking claim to the Soul to Bowl name. Sadly, this means there will not be any adorable Nonna cartoons on their labels (at least for now,) but at least there will still be sauce.

Personally, I don’t like change, but the new labels are slowly growing on me. But it’s not about me. I’m going to buy it whatever the label says, so if it attracts new people to the product, I’m happy. Besides… don’t judge a sauce by its cover or something. It’s what’s inside that counts, and what’s inside is delicious.

Reasons why you should support this campaign:

Like I said, the sauces are delicious, you’re supporting a young, Toronto-based entrepreneur, build a business with a wide ranging appeal. It’s not just a vegan product, it’s also great for people with allergies (as long as those allergies aren’t nuts!) as these products are egg-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Plus, have I mentioned the sauces are delicious?

I want to highlight the Sauce 4-Pack for $35 perk because it’s probably my favourite, and is a great option for getting the sauce you (should) crave AND supporting a growing business. You can get a 4 pack of Nona Sauces and there is also a smoothie from Doug McNish’s Public Kitchen.

Indiegogo Campaign link

Connect with them: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Speckled Fawn Soaps

Speckled Fawn Soaps

Speckled Fawn Soaps is a relatively recent discovery – I first tried their wonderfully flavoured lip balms at ApieCalypse Now Vegan Bakery in the Annex where some of their products are available for sale. Operated by Hannah Bee, this vegan body care product company has traveled across an ocean, and is now local to Toronto.

Reasons why you should support this campaign:

The soaps and lip balms are lovely and smell wonderful. I’ve got relatively sensitive skin and the soaps have left me feeling pretty happy, and the different flavours of lip balm are divine (I got banana last time and it smells and feels wonderful.)

You would be helping a young, Toronto-based entrepreneur and educator expand her business and product line as well as offer classes so people can learn how to make their own soaps and body care products.

I want to highlight the Can’t Choose Just One Promo for $25 – you can get 2 bars of soap, and 2 lip balms of your choice.

IndieGoGo Campaign Link

Connect with them:  Website (Etsy Store) | Facebook