Things I Love Thursday – Taking a moment.

This week has been wet and wild in Toronto. We got the equivalent of a month’s worth of rain in the span of a few hours, which led to flooding, power outages, traffic delays,  and a lot of property damage.

There is an underpass near our house that was completely flooded, as you can see the picture below. There were many other’s like it.


JC was on one side of this underpass, and I was on the other. And not to be dramatic, because we were very minimally impacted by this, but as this was happening it was hard to know what was really going on or what the weather would be like in a few hours. There was thunder and lightening, and we lost power for a few hours, and it just wouldn’t stop raining. I think the situation in Calgary was very much on the collective consciousness, especially since it was so recent.

But the rain stopped, and everyone started cleaning up. Sadly there were lots of people without power, some people were trapped on Go Buses or Subways for several hours, or had flooding in their basements. I’m thankful that our experience was comparatively easy, but my thoughts go out to those that weren’t so lucky, and hope that things are getting a bit closer to normal.

Most of all, I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse and that things are getting straightened up again.


I’m not sure if I like this, but I think I do.

We are in the process of moving. Or we have been for a couple of months, since the moment our offer was accepted. Slowly putting things in storage, slowly organizing our selves to take all of our stuff, and move it to our new home. Well, I’ll admit that it’s felt like something off in the distance, like something “we’d do later” that we had time for. We’re moving for real on Saturday. And this is really happening. And I’m really excited. And totally nervous. Phew.

West End Food Co-op – Community Supported Orchard

Tonight I spent the evening at one of my favourite places – the West End Food Coop. Signing up for the Community Supported Orchard program this year has been wonderful. Unfortunately, I missed last week, but this week was fantastic – we played with cherries – from Bizjak Farms and made jams. It’s so nice to dig into a huge quantity of fresh local produce, and take home beautiful jars of jams, jellies, and preserves I know will be happily eaten in the winter (if we can wait that long.)

West End Food Co-Op Community Supported Orchard Program

Other Stuff

I like this cake.

Chocolate Pecan Cranberry Coffee Cake - from Fran Costigans - Vegan Chocolate - Coming Soon (October 2013)

I like this post from Rookie Magazine

Eating: A Manifesto

“I want women to allow themselves to want food. I want women to be hungry and ask for what they want to eat without apologizing. I want women to stop looking for permission from others before they eat something that is not a carrot or spinach. I want my friends to get the chili fries if they want the chili fries, and not say something like, “It all goes straight to my ____” (hips, thighs, butt, etc.). I want to see a girl sink her teeth into a huge cheeseburger and fries and not cut the burger in half to save some for later. I want my mother to allow herself more than one small square of dark chocolate per day. I want women to take pleasure in food, without punishing ourselves for wanting it.”

I love visiting the park, and walking in the grass with my vibrams on.

Vibrams in the Park

And of course, I love my beautiful little family.

How about you… what do you love?