Things I Love Thursday – Something Good.

In this week’s TILT, I’m going to skip mentioning autumn.
Okay, just once. I like autumn. A lot.

Pie Bird Soggy Creek Forest

I like cold crisp air and crunchy leaves. (okay, that’s still autumn)
And hats. And hot rooibos tea. (mostly symptoms of autumn)
And all things pumpkin. (fine still autumn)

simmer pot.

Yesterday evening I had a pot of water with cinnamon bark, anise, cloves, and orange simmering on the stove.  It’s one of those wonderfully powerful combinations of smells that make me feel warm – like a nice fluffy blanket for my olfactory senses. I foresee this happening again. Especially as it gets colder.

Pie Bird with google plus effects

I love that we spent last weekend at PieBird Vegan Farmstay (a blog post about our time away is coming up tomorrow.) A beautiful technology-free weekend, in colourful Northern Ontario. Plus we got to borrow a cat. And they have a farm sanctuary there. We read so many books. And stepped on so many crunchy leaves in the forest (spoilers: it was perfect.)


It sounds like our newest foster cats will get adopted which is nice. It really does get easier to foster over time, because it makes me feel good when our temporary cats find great new forever homes. I’ve found what I believe is a good safe level of attachment to them for my heart, it’s an attachment that is flexible, but still real enough to make them feel loved and cared for. Flexible enough that it doesn’t completely break my heart to let them go.

I recommend it to anyone that wants to make a difference in the lives of animals in your community. If you have the space, and the inclination – foster. You are literally saving a life.  And it feels so wonderful.

If you live in Toronto find out about fostering from:
Annex cat rescue – Foster Info
Toronto Cat Rescue – Foster Info
Lady Bird rescue – Foster Info
Toronto Humane Society – Get involved
And there are so much more, but these are the only ones I’ve really connected with here.

I love my permanent cats – Emmie, Kes, and Marmo. Because I’m convinced that I have one of the most wonderful troops of cats ever – at least they are perfect for me and JC. Snuggly, excited to see us when we get home, and so playful. Watching our newest addition (Marmo) play with Kes, is so much fun even Emmie does it.

I am so joyful to have JC in my life. And so proud and regularly delighted by what a wonderful brilliant person he is, and what an incredible partner, ally, and husband I’ve ended up with. Delighted.

In actual *things* news, I ordered some CAMP Back-country Beard and Scalp Serum from HeartCouer (though it seems sold out right now) for JC, because for reasons I don’t understand or particularly enjoy he’s decided to keep growing a beard. But he does kind of look like a burly vegan woodsman now, so I guess it’s okay. Well, it was hand delivered today (the benefit of being in the area) and I opened it. And it smells like mountain man heaven. I don’t know what long term impact it actually has on skin, but we’ll see!


And finally, Nanowrimo is coming next month, and if you don’t know what that is, think of it as VeganMoFo, but for writing a novel. And writing a lot more characters per day than most of our daily blog posts looked like (even mine…) A friend set up a facebook group so we can work together and encourage each other to write every day. I’ve had a story I’ve wanted to write for most of the year, so I’m going to try and use next month to let it out.

What do you love today?

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