Things I Love Thursday on Friday: Dufferin Grove Farmers Market, Brixton Grill, Lavender, Chocolate.

One of my favourite things to do on a Thursday is to try and make it to the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market. Yesterday was one of those hot muggy days. It’s a feeling anyone that’s been to Toronto in the summer would have experienced. When I looked out the window, from my air conditioned bubble, it seemed grey. Maybe even cool. But all that changed the moment I walked out the door.

Bam, here’s the weather. Hot enough for you? P.S. FYI There is also humidity.

Of course, unlike many, I happen to really like this kind of weather. Coming from an extremely dry province, I almost feel like I don’t have to moisturize here. I can breathe through my nose with ease, and I love walking through the thick fog of summer. I might not be in the majority on this one, but I’m happy – especially because I’m also lucky enough to have air conditioning if I really need to escape.

Brixton Grill

It was nice to take a moment and wander through the Market yesterday. I picked up JC’s first taste of Brixton Grill – you know, the delicious vegan BBQ stand. They’ve always got four options, sometimes a special, and I like how they always have a visual representation of their stuff available for people to order.

brixton Grill

And picked up fantastic bunches (2 of them!) of beautiful fragrant purple lavender, some of which will end up in lavender shortbread, and some of which will just stay around for me to look at until the flowers fall off.


I indulged my endless love of Chocosol and picked up a few bars for some chocolatecentric baking I planned to do, and and picked up some extra chocolate that’s going straight in the mail to some awesome vegan that might enjoy it.


Other stuff:

This picture because it makes me laugh.

Post No Bills


What made you happy this week?