Things I Love Thursday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a delightful Thursday, and how nice of it to fall on Valentine’s Day. Even when I was single Valentine’s Day was one of those strange lovely days where I’d try and arrange online Valentine’s Day Card/gift exchanges with strangers (and yes, this whole swapping thing has been ever present) and get wrapped up in the silly cute celebrations of love and affection.

I’m just “that guy,” you know… the one that takes a moment to take stock of all the “things [she] loves” every week? Yup. That one that reads about love stories (like the man who arranged to have flowers delivered to his wife on Valentine’s day), or the look on (especially elderly) same-sex couples faces after they get the same right and freedom to get married in those early days. Well, I tear up a little (or lots), I’m a sap. Yup. I also love Valentine’s Day, and the associated cookies, cakes, (recycled)paper cards, and other silliness.

JC made last year’s Valentine’s Day pretty special, because, as I’m finding out, he’s “that guy,” that one that seems to have a penchant for sweeping me off my feet in amazing and ridiculous gestures. With everyday kindnesses, and over-the-top surprises. As an example, it never occurred to me to celebrate (or keep track of) a 6-month anniversary, but there he was, making a date of it. Today’s dinner plans are a mystery (to me), but whatever we’re doing, I’m looking forward to spending it with him.

The question is, are we just buying into obligate consumerism and consumption? Or romantic notions we’ve been spoon fed by movies and fairy tales? All I can say is maybe… (with a large attached question mark) but still be happy about today. I’m a product of some collective conditioning, as I’m sure we all are to some extent. I’ve embraced this day from my own idealized idea of it; a celebration of love, compassion, kindness, & togetherness can’t be all bad.

To all of you making the world a little bit brighter, thank you for what you do, I love you.

and here is a ridiculous video.