Sadies Special Valentine’s Dinner

Event on facebook:  Sadie’s Diner and chef Jacob Saphra ( Brixton Grill) are offering a five course vegan valentines dinner. The price of $34.99 includes a glass of organic vegan wine from Niagara’s Frog Pond Winery. Seating’s are at 6:30 and 8:30 and reservations are recommended. Soup: Curried Sweet Potato W/Candied walnuts (gluten-free) OR Green-Curry […]

Once upon a Valentine’s Day – with help from Bunners and Cafe Belong.

So, I’m just going to brag. I had a really fantastic Valentine’s Day this year, and JC made it happen. I’ve always been a fan of the pink and red holiday. Even while most of my social group was decrying the horrors of commercialism, and the absurd expectations that are put on people on Valentine’s […]