Things I Love Thursday – Busy Weeks, Gelato

Do I like a busy week? Maybe. Maybe not. But I don’t have much choice in that this week.

So what do I really love?


Taking a break in the afternoon and going out for Gelato with a friend and her son. We’re lucky to have an incredibly tasty vegan-friendly gelato place in our neighbourhood (as an aside, I also love living so close to a pal.) called Boreal Gelato.

Once upon a time in 2011 they opened, and I went in shortly after. They were in my area, looked kind of cool, and were on twitter. 2 years later they’re still throwing down excellent vegan gelato – BUT EVEN BETTER.

Today we both had Chocolate and Salted Caramel. So. Delicious. If you find yourself in Toronto for any reason, these folks are worth visiting.

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