Things I Love Thursday – Autumn, as usual.

changing treeI love Autumn. I’m going to continue saying it, until it rolls into winter – then I will be less enthusiastic. But until then I will bask in the changing colours and the slightly cooler temperatures (which I prefer.) I love that the weather is perfect for mid afternoon coffee stops, while also being comfortable for outdoor walking.

Marineland Closing Day Demo

I’m looking forward to the Marineland Closing Day Demonstration on Sunday, and I’m looking forward to bringing along JC to his first Marineland Demo.

We’ve booked a weekend at PieBird Farmstay in Nippissing, in Northern Ontario later this month to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which should be a tonne of fun. I’ve never been that far north in Ontario, and it looks like a lovely little place, both as a farm sanctuary AND bed and breakfast, so I’m looking forward to sharing more about the food and location in a few weeks. If you’ve been there, I’d love to hear any highlights of the Nippissing area, as I’ve never been up there. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Sunshine, and the rest of their rescues!

Overall, it’s been a nice and busy week. And I’m greatly looking forward to the weekend.