SukhoThai – Downtown Toronto

In between the Brewer’s Plate (a celebration of local food and beer and fundraiser for the Greenbelt) last week and going home we grabbed dinner at Sukhothai near St. Lawrence Market. SukhoThai called to us with its sign, a combination of needing a substantial meal after pickling ourselves in local brews at the event for a couple of hours, and curiosity about what I’d find there. JC had visited Sukhothai before for lunch and knew there was at least one vegan dish on the menu.


I asked our server when we sat down what our options were – and she said all of the curries could be made vegan (unfortunately, with the exception of my favourite style – the massaman), and all of the pad thai noodle dishes, just let them know.

We started with the fresh salad rolls, which were filled with all of the deliciousness you might expect from salad rolls (like mango, lettuce, vermicelli noodles, basil, carrots) , and cut up in convenient two bite pieces. It was a great appetizer and I’d definitely recommend it (and I’ll certainly order it again).

Sukhothai Salad Rolls

JC and I both ordered the Sukhothai Pad Thai, since it’s their “Sukh’ed up” Northern Thai version of pad thai. No matter where we go for pad thai it’s always different, but in many ways always the same. This one was nice and saucy, with good noodle separation. I ordered spicy, but I didn’t realize they also had a “Thai spicy” level – next time (so if you’re a spice fiend – you probably want to kick it up a notch. It you’re not, tread carefully!) JC had his at medium and said it was a good level of heat.

Sukhothai Pad Thai

Service was quick, friendly, helpful, and not intrusive, we got water and help when we needed it, but were otherwise left to enjoy our meal on our own, which was perfect.

Sukhothai hasĀ two other locations in Toronto, and also offers delivery.
Accessibility: this location on Wellington involves walking up a set of about 7-8 stairs.


52 Wellington St E (map)
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  1. I’m always a wimp when it comes to spicy. The medium is barely spicy – if you like your dishes a little warm, go for the hot!