Street Art, Sunsets, Strombo, Shelter Pet Project – Things I love Thursday

Today’s Thing I Love Thursday list it brought to you by the letter S, and the number 4.

I’m currently in Edmonton visiting my parents, which is really nice, and just a couple of days ago I was taking in the sunshine and warmth of Los Angeles and Southern California. So, there are lots of things to love, and it’s been a great couple of weeks.

Here goes the list:


Expo West

I’m grateful that we were able to go enjoy both ExpoWest and see a few of the California sights and restaurants while we were visiting, and I’m grateful that I was able to go home for a night before flying off to Edmonton. I love our sweet troupe of cats, including the temporary members of the household. To everyone that doesn’t think cats express love without ulterior motives, I’m not convinced. Our cats love us. They came excitedly to the door when we came home, and it’s not about food – because they always have food and water available at all times.

Great Street Art/Activism.

Not Your Mom, Not your Milk

This “Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk” was stenciled outside a grilled cheese restaurant by misteruncertain on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. I was delighted to see it.

An Ocean Sunset with JC

sunset santa monica beach
I was happy this week to be able to put my feet into the Pacific ocean again and watch as the sun appeared to slowly fall into the sea as we stood watching on the Santa Monica Beach, cool waves splashing against our feet.

George Stombolopolous

I love random events that come together in such a weird and wonderful manner. JC and I went to Veggie Grill for the first time, after visiting Vromage Cheese shop, and happened to be eating at the same place as George Strombolopolous. I tweeted something about thinking we were at the same spot, and George just walked on over and said hello. He genuinely seems like a nice guy, and it was nice to meet him after being in the audience of his show when I first met him. (and if you haven’t read the wonderful mini story Ed the Sock shared about Stombo after the Gomeshi scandal came to light, you can read the full text here)

But if you want to skip the Jian thing, here is the story:

Example of the former – when visiting his production office, I once saw George Stroumboulopoulos personally offer a kosher pizza place money to deliver all the way downtown from Thornhill, so that an Orthodox Jewish intern would not be excluded from a staff pizza party. An intern.

Just nice stuff.

This incredibly adorable billboard just of Sunset Blvd

Image says: Make a Shelter Pet Part of Your World – Happily Ever After Begins at

It’s just such a beautiful billboard – and as we were driving by at first glance I thought it was just some Disney thing, but I still looked and read the post and just fell in love with it. We got lost in the hills of Los Angeles for a while trying to get back to the intersection where I spotted the billboard, but this trip lead to seeing the stencil I shared above, so all around, I’m glad we made the effort to go back.

Hope you’ve had a nice week, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the stuff we saw at ExpoWest soon.

What do you love today?