Staycation weekend. Soup Parties, Sadie’s Diner, and vegan donuts.

Another great weekend in Toronto! So great that it took me until Wednesday to talk about it!

Friends had a Winter Soup Party (which I think is an awesome idea, and more inclusive than a lot of other events happening around this time of year.) It was such a fun event. They had it catered in part by a vegan caterer here in Toronto (Vegan Delights), who also makes bread, vegan and gluten free desserts. Yummy. I couldn’t get enough of these spicy fritters dipped in tamarind cilantro sauce, which is probably why I parked myself so near the food table. Best of all, one of my favourite people made delicious amazing chocolate peanut butter rice krispie squares again. I need the recipe. Badly. Mmm +1 Yummy.

In the weeks before, I had surveyed people on what kind of soup was their favourite, and no two people responded the same. I wouldn’t be able to answer that question at all. If it’s not obvious, I love eating, and it’s hard to pick favourites. Though I think it might be easy to spot when I’m really ecstatic about a place.

Sometime after seeing Tron: Legacy (and I have a confession, I’ve never seen the original Tron, and I probably never will. So there.) we went over to Sadie’s Diner(504 Adelaide Street West Toronto, ON), where it almost looks like they have a new menu… though it’s been ages (6 week…) since I was last there. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I was going to order a veggie burger, up until my friend made fun of me and said I could get a veggie burger anywhere. And he was completely right. So I had a Cajun Tofu Quesadilla instead, which was a much better idea all around. (pardon the cellphone picture, it’s all I had)

Sadies Diner - Cellphone pix

Sadie’s had some of the donuts from St. Catherine’s Rise Above Bakery (11 Summer St, Saint Catharines, ON) which was exciting because I had only heard about them this past Friday. We ate the absolute last one left, and I think they are probably much better fresh. Maybe some other time. Or maybe a drive to St. Catherine’s wouldn’t be entirely ridiculous (only a little bit.) They are so close to the bus station… and they are hosting a 5 Course Dinner on Tuesday December 28th. Uh… yum. Here is another cellphone picture that doesn’t quite do the donut justice:

Sadies Diner - Cellphone pix

The end of the year completely snuck up on me! I guess I was too busy having fun.

2 Responses

  1. Those donuts are so ace. How do they compare to Bunner's (where I still haven't been yet)?

    I ordered some of the Rise Above ones a few weeks back, as they deliver to Toronto on Fridays – I was having a Twin Peaks party so it worked out pretty nicely!

  2. I can't say. We got a three day old one, and it was a wee bit too solid for me, so I'm going to try and head over to St.Catherines to try some fresh ones! 🙂

    I could tell that they were delicious at one time. The Bunner's one's are interesting. I thought they were super delicious, but had a interesting texture (that I could go either way on)