Recipe for Change – FoodShare – A night in pictures.

Recipe for Change - The Beginning of the Evening

Yesterday’s Recipe For Change event was amazing, delicious, and a delight to attend. In addition to being a great experience, it was also for a great cause FoodShare, and in support of their fantastic educational programs and other campaigns. It was a great venue for mingling with food wizards and chefs (and asking them if they were able or willing to cater a vegan wedding…)

Here is my evening in pictures where I remembered to snap one:

Vegetable Tagine - Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Donna Dooher
, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
Vegetable Tagine

Vegan Sushi in Savoy Cabbage Leaves
Jesús Gomez
, FoodShare
Vegan Sushi in Savoy Cabbage leaves

Cornmeal Crusted Tempeh Croquette - Doug McNish
Doug McNish

Cornmeal Crusted Tempeh Croquette with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

King Oyster Mushroom Jiaozi Dumpling - Spice Route
Winlai Wong
, Spice Route
King Oyster Mushroom Jiaozi Dumpling

Charlotte's Vegan Meatballs - Brad Long - Cafe Belong
Brad Long
, Café Belong
Charlotte’s Vegan Meatballs on Mushroom Slaw

Gluten Free Vegan Pasta with Legumes in Ginger Tomato Sauce
Abby Sabherwal
, Magical Catering
Gluten Free Vegan Pasta with Legumes in Ginger-Tomato Sauce

Jerk Tofu in Phyllo Cups
Sybil Pinnock
, FoodShare
Jerk Tofu in Phyllo Cups

Oaxacan Cinnamon Churro
Chrystal Porter
, ChocoSol Traders
Oaxacan Cinnamon Churro con Chocolate
Vegan Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Icing
Anne Yarymowich
, Frank at the AGO
Vegan Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Icing

We also ate an amazing couple of soups/stews/etc that don’t photograph well in little cups.

Rocco Agostino, Enoteca Sociale, Pizzeria Libretto – Patate e Fagioli: Chickpea-White Bean Purée with Chard Sweet Potato and Tomato Confit

Katherine Hall, Hall’s Kitchen – Rockin’ Moroccan Stew

Regardless – they were both delicious. I was very excited to hear that the Patate e Fagioli was available at Pizzeria Libretto on Danforth (555 Danforth, Toronto)

Because of this event I discovered a few new local alcoholic beverages that I might actually want to drink again.

Frogpond Winery had an awesome 2008 Organic Cabernet Merlot. And word is, some of their products will soon be available at the LCBO. Excellent.

Southbrook - Triomphe Chardonnay
The person at Southbrook Vineyards was super friendly, and we tried both the 2008 Triomphe Cabernet Franc and the 2008 Triomphe Chardonnay.

Black Oak Brewing Co

Old time favourite, Mill Street Brewery was there, but we didn’t drink any – since we still have a few bottles in our fridge. But I wasn’t really familiar with Black Oak Brewing Co before last night, but their Black Oak Nut Brown is definitely going on the list of beers I actually like (which isn’t all that common).

Great event – Great cause – Great company.

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