Peterborough, Ontario – Nateure’s Plate

The past few months we’ve been spending a lot of time looking around rural Ontario – and luckily, some of those trips have taken us through Peterborough. In doing so, got us to Nateure’s Plate for the first time.

Nateure’s Plate has been open since 2018, but somehow it took us until 2022 to both hear about it, and finally give it a try – but better late than never. While we were in , I ordered on their website, and everything was ready by the time I got there. Ordering was easy, but you have to sign up for a touch bistro account to do so.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but walking in, it was absolutely gorgeous. The interior is worth seeing. Such a beautiful open feeling space, with lots of plants, and wood details. It was nice to linger a bit and enjoy the surroundings. I can imagining eating here would be comfortable, and they had a nice mix of high top and lower tables. 

this was still from when everything was closed for dining. but you can see how lovely it is inside. It’s back open for dine in now.
having the opportunity to take pictures without people was great, since taking pictures of other diners is not my scene.

I ordered my usual go to vegan dish at places that offer it – the vegan reuben. And without over stating it, it might be the best sandwich I’ve had in a while. Perhaps ever. The marbled rye bread, the thinly sliced ‘meat’, the sauces, sauerkraut and the cheese, absolutely a must try. The side of salt and vinegar fries was a treat too.

On our first visit, the kid (5) had a very simplified version of their Nateure’s Burger and JC got the Zac Burger. We also ordered the wings and a caesar salad to share. Those have been our main re-orders since, though if there is a special JC has tried it – while I keep sticking with my reuben sandwich.

Service was friendly and helpful, and we’ll definitely be back again!

Nateure’s Plate

182 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON K9J 2T8
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