Coburg, Ontario – The Market and Smør

We’ve been spending more time in Northumberland County lately, in preparation for moving to the woods (to some degree or another) and one of our visits included a stop into a very lovely independent grocery store. I will come back to take more pictures when it’s a little less busy, but I really enjoyed my visit, and not just because one of the owners was kind enough to give me a little tour (not just because I’m special, they’re just friendly!)

The place is broken up into a few different sections starting off with an impressive variety of produce – including some harder to find items. There is a little cafe, there is wine, wine, beer and cider, pastas, and assorted accompaniments, a full fridge and freezer of vegan-friendly items, and a full fridge and freezer of things that aren’t vegan that I did not look at. They also have a bakery with fresh breads and baguettes, including a very nice looking vegan banana bread.

What was really impressive to me was their freezer with a variety of vegan-friendly entrees made in house, and I nearly missed it. It’s tucked away a bit, but nicely organized. In the same room, they have a thoughtful selection of some familiar Toronto and area roasted coffees – like Chocosol and Balzac, as well as a very local version out of Northumberland County called Cold Creek Coffee Roasters. I grabbed a bag of Cold Creek both because I love novelty, and upon the enthusiastic recommendation of the owner (and we used it for espresso with great success.) They also had some other breakfast stuff organized together – like jams and jellies (I snapped up a jar of carrot cake jam.)

We took home two of their frozen meals – the vegan turkey and gravy, and the cabbage rolls. I really enjoyed the seitan and gravy combo in the vegan turkey, but neither of us was as into the cabbage rolls. We will try more, as they have several other options, since we’ll be spending more time in the area in the near future. Another awesome thing about them is they offer delivery (though I’m not yet sure of the delivery area.)

Overall, I think it’s such a great spot and I hope they thrive. You can see all of the vegan items they offer on their website (as well as all the other items they have!)

Market & Smør

39 King Street East Cobourg, Ontario (map)
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