MoFo’er Monday – Appleicious recipes from the first two days of VeganMoFo

So it’s MoFo’er Monday or at least what’s left of it, and this is the day I’ve decided to look through the past weeks posts and find recipes by other MoFo folks to make at home. You’d think after only two days, and so many people only starting up on Monday that there wouldn’t be enough recipes to choose from. But that’s not even possible. So many excited vegans blogging about food, even just 48 hours leads to 100’s of choices. The problem isn’t finding an appealing recipe, it’s deciding on one or two things to make, and not filling the house up with too much food.

Fun with Apples - Applewood Farms

Well, yesterday J and I went apple picking at Applewood Farms in Stouffville, ON. It’s about 40 minutes outside of Toronto. They have lots of apples to choose from (including cortlands, golden delicious, red delicious and spartans) as well as a winery/cidery. We ended up running out of time to do a nice slow wander around the apple orchards, but I still had a great time. I’ve never eaten an apple straight off the tree before, so that was an awesome experience (and the flavour is unbelievable).

Fun with Apples -

Now, while we didn’t have much time to pick apples, we still came home with four bags of them. Which made the choice of what recipes to focus on slightly easier… I was going to make things… with apples! That should narrow it down a little right? Apples… No, no it didn’t. With so many A is for… Apple posts done either today, yesterday, or Saturday from people starting their MoFoing. there were so many great things to choose from like:

Sweet Dishes
Apple Sponge Cake from Veganize This!
Apple Stuffed with Oatmeal Cookie Stuffing from Little House on the Vegan Prairie
Apple Caramel French Toast from Chubby Vegan Mom
Apple Crisp from Plenty Sweet Enough
Raw Apple Cinnamon Rolls from VGANJAR via Food Feud
Apple Fritters from The Sweetest Vegan (it’s a cooking Youtube video!)

Gluten Free
Gluten Free Apple Walnut Muffins from The “V” Word

Savory dishes
Agave Apple Slaw from Vegan Miam (savory! yes!)
Spring Green Fennel Salad… okay, it’s not from the past two days of MoFo, but it is from a MoFo’er and it looked delicious.
Fun Fall Soup from The Dirty Vegan.
Apple Pie Hummus from Healthy Kitschy Vegan. (How rad is that?)


After we returned our zip car and came home, I thought it’d be a great idea to bake an apple crisp as a nice fresh after dinner dessert. I opted to try the one from Plenty Sweet Enough. I suspect I used too many apples (or two many big ones),  because they didn’t quite stew as much as I had expected them to after an hour, but the crumbly crisp portion was sweet and cinnamony as crisp should be.

I thought the Apple Caramel French toast looked great, but by the time I rolled out of bed it today was a little after 8 and it was too late to really make much of a semi-elaborate breakfast. But it is going into my fun potential breakfasts file.


First recipe of the day was The Sweetest Vegan’s Apple Fritters. Way back when I wasn’t vegan, I used to love Tim Horton’s Apple Fritters. I’ll admit it. Then again, I was ten, so really, there isn’t any shame in it. They were delicious, fluffy and cinnamonriffic, and I wanted to veganize them… someday. This batch went quite well, I fried them up and ended up with a few nice fritters. Definitely make the lemon icing drizzle, because The Sweetest Vegan is totally right, the flavour just pops after that.


This evening I made the Apple Pie Hummus. Honestly, when I saw the recipe my mind jumped through a series of thoughts… from no way, to that can’t possibly be good, to… really? followed by I’ve GOT TO TRY THIS. It makes complete sense, because I know I’m not the only one that’s dipped apples into hummus… it turned out great. I think I see apple pie hummus on the menu for breakfast tomorrow. I encourage you to give it a try!

Happy Month of Food!

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  1. This post makes me want to run out and buy all the apples I can find so I can turn them into all the delicious sounding apple dishes you've conveniently linked to here. Got to go look up the apple pie hummus right away!

  2. Hey Hey, thanks so much for the mention. I am so glad you liked them with the icing. Maybe I should add more cinnamon, but I was really proud of this recipe! So happy you mad it!