Lazy Weekends and Crazy Plans.

We rented a zipcar and went out to Mississauga yesterday. It’s a sprawling suburb outside of Toronto, full of giant box stores, residential areas, and as I found out, a surprisingly great restaurant. We went to Heartland for shopping, it’s a massive commons area, and pretty overwhelming after getting accustomed to the density of Toronto. But near this shopping centre extravaganza, there is Cholan, a vegan friendly East Indian restaurant. Complete with various dosas, soups, curries, and papadams. We left absolutely full, happy, and for a great price. I would definitely go back again (and I’m pretty sure JC agrees with me!)

I’m playing around with the idea of sewing my own wedding dress. I realize this is probably misguided, and absurd, and considering I have next to no skill in sewing with a machine, unlikely. But, and of course there is a but, I like a challenge, I like learning new things, and taking sewing lessons isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever had. It’s not like I’m the only one (like Melissa Fehr from Fehr Trade, Lisa Welge now Bardot from Lisa Welge Photography, and various other crafty people).

JC and I live near the Parkdale neighbourhood in Toronto – conveniently, there is a studio called The Workroom, which offers sewing, quilting, and crafting classes (here is a pdf for this month) right in the neighbourhood. I will start small with Sewing Machine Essentials. It’s a minimal investment both in cost ($55) and time (3hrs). I’ll be honest, I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be some kind of sewing savant – at the very least, this could give me the reality check I clearly need. I’ve taken the first step: Asked for more information from The Workroom folks, and now I wait (but not very long, because in the span of writing this blog post, they replied to my email!)

Monday has gone from day of scheduled cleaning to day of too many social events packed into one. Once upon a time I was a Yelp Elite member, but I received an invite for an event happening tonight at Spin Galactic… it’s a ping pong social club. I don’t even care if the email was sent to me in error, I’m so in. Then later it’s drinks and dancing with my former burlesque instructor. Random and awesome.