Hope for the Holidays at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

Oh beautiful wonderful Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary.

Hope for the Holidays
I cannot recommend visiting a farm animal sanctuary enough. Even if you’re busy, it’s worth making the time to visit these peaceful places of what could be. Cedar Row is one of those truly idyllic farms where animals are loved and treated with respect and have sanctuary.

Especially if you are feeling burnt out or feeling a bit down about life or the world or anything along those lines. 
It’s a place of healing, and that’s not just limited to the non-human animals that live there.

Whenever I visit, I learn something. Something about myself, something about the way people, and especially children, interact with animals, or something new about the personalities of the animals that live there. It’s peaceful and centering to just visit and just be. Sitting down with a turkey or watching Chickpea watch me with her deep soulful eyes. I learn to avoid the goose. I’m reminded of how much I like goats – and of course, how much I relate to them.

And I leave knowing that while we can’t save everyone, the animals at Cedar Row are safe. They are loved. They have a place to exist and knowing that is so valuable. Knowing that there are people out there that care and that there are people out there that  can make a difference (and we can too.)

If you can’t attend share the event on facebook or donate to Cedar Row to help them keep doing the wonderful work they’re doing.