First day in Vegas and Vegan in Denver International Airport

So I arrived in Vegas safe and sound.

If you’re ever in the Denver Airport and looking for something to eat, there are a couple of options available. I was really excited to see Denver airport options listed on the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) website, but then when I went to the places listed , they either didn’t exist (La Casita), or they didn’t have them anymore(Lefty’s Grille – still has a veggie burger although I don’t know if it’s vegan, but they didn’t have vegetarian chili). I ended up going to the Cantina Grill, Concourse B Mezzanine Level. Vegetarian Burrito, hold the cheese. And a side of nachos (it would be a nacho kind of day.)

It’s hot here, to put it simply, it was 103F today. Although it’s not as bad as I remember it, I think because our summers have been getting progressively warmer in the Prairies (in both Edmonton and Saskatoon) and I’m not an air conditioned office dweller anymore.

When I got to Vegas I had a few hours to kill so I wandered along the Strip, snapping pictures here and there. The last time I was here I came back with ten pictures at the most, which was very unlike me. I’m aiming to change that. I needed my internet fix so I walked through the Fashion Show Mall, to the Apple Store, and passed by the California Pizza Kitchen. It seemed like a good time to try it out.

Pizza From California Pizza Kitchen

My server was super nice, and made my experience there even better than just the food. I actually really liked the pizza. I know it’s a pizza chain, but we don’t have anything like that in Canada. Boston Pizza used to be a great option (with a wonderful cheeseless pizza right on the menu, but they removed it.) and now they’re just a good enough option. So I got the white corn guacamole and nachos to start and the Vegetarian pizza with Chinese eggplant with spicy marinara and a thin crust. That thin crust was so good. It was like having a pizza made on this Lebanese bread (It reminded me a lot of a pocketless version of pita bread from Ya Halla in PDX.) Simple, crisp, with a soft inside and a touch salty, the crust really does make the pizza.
I loved how the vegetables were just lightly cooked. The broccoli maintained a beautiful vibrant colour. The only thing I didn’t like was that the spicy marinara was not spicy, but luckily I could douse it with red pepper to satisfy that need.

There were lots of bumps along the way here, but hopefully the rest of the trip will be smooth sailing (I say that, and it feels like I’m just asking for trouble.