Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Remedy, Block 1912

I’m back in Edmonton safe and sound. It’s been a bit of an adjustment to try and slow down to the pace of being “home,” however I came back right as the Edmonton International Fringe Fest started up and so there is always something to do. Edmonton lives up to it’s name as Festival City in the summer time, it’s too easy to forget about that when it’s cold and snowy out.

In the last few days I have lost a dear friend, one that has traveled with me all across Canada (well, from Vancouver to Montreal and everywhere in between), New York City, and the Pacific time zone. The digital camera I use to take the majority of my photos, my Panasonic DMC–FX10, has finally died after years of mistreatment. Thankfully, it didn’t happen until after I got back to Edmonton, but nevertheless I’m sad about it.

So what was my first food stop here in the city? Remedy of course! It was time for a piece of cheesecake. I’m not going to lie, there is a certain level of satisfaction in having one of the last pieces, and my friend and I did so. It was back to being delicious as before, this time Mango & Raspberry, but they had it labeled as something else, Hot Cake, I think. One thing I enjoy about Remedy is their sense of humor, just looking at some of the names (of the non-vegan cakes) is amusing. My friend had one of the gluten free wraps, it’s nice that the option is there, though if you’re not gluten intolerant, I would recommend skipping it. It’s two dollars more than the regular one, and isn’t two dollars tastier.

Vegan Cheesecake from Remedy

After we watched some street performers near the Transalta Arts Barns and extremely talented young buskers we went over to Bistro 1912 right on Whyte avenue. They are open late AND have a selection of four different “tofulatti” flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, and another flavour I can’t remember. It was surprisingly rich, sweet and delicious, I think I might want to try the vanilla flavoured one in a coffee some day soon. It might have been hitting that too sweet spot, but one scoop was probably sufficient. For vegan options they also have a few flavours of sorbetto. It’s a nice atmosphere on the inside, much bigger than I expected it to be, but we sat outside for the extra people watching potential, something Whyte Avenue is great for.

Tofulatti from Block 1912

Monday I start my 21$/week vegan challenge. Grocery shopping will happen tomorrow and I wont be going out to eat. Wish me luck!

2 Responses

  1. Hi!

    I'm new to Edmonton and am slowly discovering the vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants here (I do very occaisionally eat dairy).

    I think your blog will be very helpful in guiding me towards what places I should try once I get more familiar with the transit/town!

    Any "must-have" places you can suggest? Thanks!

  2. Absolutely!

    Great places to go are Remedy (8631 109 Street Northwest) (it's a cafe just across the street from the Garneau) They have east indian food that's delicious and occasionally vegan cheesecake (which is AMAZING.)

    Padmanadi (10740-101st) is a fantastic place to check out. Their brunch is a delight.

    Habesha (9515 118 AVE) (if you like ethiopian food) has a vegan buffet every Wednesday. And lots of veg options every other day.

    Attend one of the VOA potlucks! schedule is on the VOA Website

    And this is a great resource for places in the city that are veg friendly: Vegging out in Alberta