Edmonton City Market and a Raw Food Potluck

 Saturday was the perfect day to head out to the Edmonton City Market, a warm and sunny morning, with only the occasional cloud in sight.  It seemed quite busy to me, but I have no previous weeks to compare it to.

Finally checked out the LimeGreens booth, and it was full of samples(!!!). They had already run out of Chocolate Macaroons by 10:30am, but if the sample I tried was any indication, they are worth waking up early for. My friend and I both found the kale chips too cheesy. Of the drink samples the mango lassi and chai were my favourites (but they have a great variety to choose from.) J picked up a sweet spicy Chai smoothie, and I debated getting a Mango Lassi (normally a yogurt based Indian drink), but decided it was too early in the morning for something so rich. Funny since I ended up finishing the remainder of my friends Chai anyway.
The fiesta olives booth was really busy, which is usually a good sign, but we skipped it. I picked up a bunch of bulk olives recently from a nearby Lebanese grocery store anyway, so I’ve got my olive source for a while. There are two other sources for vegan olive tapenade; Bamboche Wold Cuisine, and Truffle-licious. I think the one from Truffle-licious was my favourite hands down, but it might have something to do with a minorly annoying comment related to veganism from the Bamboche vendor (related to veganism and honey. I won’t get into it.) I was tempted to buy from her, but after the comment I decided to think about it. Maybe next week.
That said, the truffle infused tapenade had this earthy endorphin inducing reaction in my mouth as soon as I tried it, which doesn’t happen often. Or rather, doesn’t happen often enough. I will be picking up a container for sure the next time I go to the farmers market.
I was on the hunt for a good juicing apple (for the raw food potluck later), and so I picked up about a pound of bright gala apples at the market. They were slightly discoloured on the inside, but otherwise juicy and added a certain something to my Pineapple Rawgaritas.
J and I drove down to Stony Plain and Spruce Grove to take a look at the farmers markets there, but unfortunately didn’t find them all that exciting. The Stony Plain one was mostly items from other sources (like arbonne, tupperware, scentzy, etc.) but maybe it was just one of those weeks. I did see an interesting local organic wine vendor, but I still want to contact them to see what they use as fining agents (commonly used fining agents of animal origin are egg albumin, casein, gelatin, egg whites, isinglass, etc.)
Raw food potluck was great. I lost my camera so I didn’t take any big pictures but I did catch some with my cellphone. The selection was wonderful. My friend and I brought a strawberry ice cream cake, pineapple rawgaritas, and a pineapple salsa, other things that were there and great were nori rolls, lettuce leaf tacos, a corn chili, a couple of salsas, an amazing blackberry crumble, chocolate balls, apple crumble. Too bad this was the last all raw potluck of the season!

pineapple salsarawgarita    strawberry ice cream cake, raw

Next weekend there is a VOA picnic outside at Riverdale Community Hall (June 13th at 5:30pm) check out the VOA page for more information.

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