Things I love Thursday – Bike edition

Today, I fell off my bike. Thrown off into the street by street car tracks, literally turning onto the street I live on. This is common. I’ve gotten the impression that this happens to people often enough that it’s known at the hospital. When JC fell off his bike around this time of year, and […]

Farmers’ Markets in Toronto – Sorauren

I’m getting increasingly more excited with the possibility of having fresh local produce, that I can paw through myself, and buy directly from someone that might have a connection to the source. I like talking to people about food, and some of my favourite folks are people that make food, and love making food. Last […]

The Lovemuffin Bakery: Vegan delivery in Toronto

I have ordered from the lovemuffin bakery twice so far. I’m going to say something, and know that I’m very serious when I do. I am over cupcakes. If I never see another cupcake again, I would be okay with that. Muffins are the new cupcake. I felt the same joy and excitement when I saw […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, and for the second time my mom and I are on other sides of the country. It was nice to have a short visit with my Mom when JC and I were having our engagement party, but otherwise special occasions like birthdays, xmas, and “family” days are hard, because I […]

Drop-In Vegan Dinner at the Depanneur. Okara “Crab” Cake Po’ Boys

I’m continuing my love of The Depanneur (1033A College St.) Corner store by day, dinner establishment by (some evenings), brunch spot, commercial kitchen space, and all around nice stop in Dufferin Grove. We’ve gone several times in the last few months, once to Emily Z’s French Lentil Soup day, Kalmplex’s Hearty Jamaican Soup, Len’s made-vegan risotto and more. […]

Vegan Food Swap from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado #veganswap

Last week I received my inaugural vegan swap from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado. Stuff from Community Naturals (food bars, dried fruit, and wasabi peas which I’m snacking on right now), Congo Cowboy Gourmet – mango barbecue sauce, a couple of food bars from Via Foods… and the thing that probably made me smile the most… a jar of Saskatoon Berry […]