BIVY – Indie Coffee Passport 2013 – Coffee Monday

We went into BIVY on Sunday this weekend. It’s one of the cafes on this session of the Indie Coffee passport. It’s another one of those spots that has only been open for less than three years. They opened in mid-July 2012 in the Brockton Triangle/Brockton Village area. They do food, coffee, and weekend brunch. […]

Cabin Fever Collective – Indie Coffee Passport 2013/14

You might have seen my post on this year’s Indie Coffee Passport <3 Edition, what’s new this time around, and my map of Vegan Eats paired with Indie Coffee Passport locations. Cabin Fever Collective on Bloor was my first stop on the Indie Coffee Passport list in December of last year (p.s. that’s 2013.) I […]

The Indie Coffee Passport. Less than Three Edition

Since 2010, the Indie Coffee Passport has been helping me explore Toronto and all the independent cafe’s within it. I’ve found places I keep visiting, I’ve found places I never wanted to go again, but the important thing was that I got to check them out, and see parts of the city that I might […]

Graaaaaiiiiiins – Toronto Zombie Walk and a prezombie meal of Root Vegetable Soup from Linux Cafe

Yesterday was a great day to be near Cristie Pits park. The streets were full of Zombies, and if I had the wherewithal to have planned ahead, I would have dressed up in my best vegan zombie gear and shuffled along the street in search for “graaaaaains”. Unfortunately I didn’t have the wherewithal or the […]