Burger Time: Toronto – Soy Boys

I’ve been sampling a variety of vegan burgers the past little while, and most of them have been pretty decent. They’re often met with ambivalence (from me and others) after decades of lack lustre veggie burgers or non-vegan places phoning it in with a wilted mushroom cap or something. But I’ve been pleased with some of these new incarnations.

When we were back in Toronto recently, one of the places I had been curious about was Soy Boys in Church Wellesley Village. I enjoyed their cheeky name, as you might know the term can be used in the pejorative for men that do not meet certain pseudo ideals of masculinity, and they sell vegan things in Church Wellesley Village which is in Toronto’s Gaybourhood – anyway, I’m team take back all the pejorative names and make them shine.

They do vegan burgers and soft serve, and are open super late. They opened earlier in 2022, and I’ve kept hearing good things – but it was time to find out more.

The Soy Boys menu is simple, which makes it a lot easier to choose something, and it’s clear they’re good at what they’re doing. I ordered a double burgers, and added plant based cheese to mine. I was feeling nostalgic for long past days when I’d go to a certain arch shaped restaurant as a child, and these are satisfying options for people, like me, with big appetites. The less hungry can go with a perfectly respectable single burger and be happy too.

We got a size of the waffle fries, which were fine and perfectly respectable fries, but despite of my general love of potatoes, fries are not really my thing.

We also modified one of our burgers, and they followed the instructions to the letter without any trouble.

Soy Boys is not wheelchair accessible, and has about 13-14 steps to get in the door. There is a small seating area if you want to dine in, and if you are somewhat nearby, you can get delivery via the usual apps.

Next time on Burger Time: Mavericks (Toronto) or Bring Me Some (Hamilton). I liked both for different reasons – tune in next time to find out more! Or don’t, I am not the boss of you.

Soy Boys

Website | Instagram | 471 Church Street Toronto, ON (map)

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