Boston – Peace O’Pie vegan pizza & other deliciousness

Eventually after we recovered from the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour, we figured it was time to go for dinner before we fell asleep again. But where? We’d whittled away at our options getting lost on the internet for a few hours, but we ended up (happily) going to Peace O’Pie.

Peace O' Pie

Peace O’Pie (487 Cambridge Street,) is in Allston, MA and if you decide to visit from South Station by public transit, I wouldn’t recommend taking the red – green, subway – LRT combo we took the first time we went out there. The #66 bus is significantly faster from Harvard Square (Red line.)

Walking in, it almost looks like a regular American pizzeria, a couple of tables, and that warm, bready aroma that hits you as soon as you’re in the door. Paper menus (and online) are at the front by the cash register or you can check out their specials on the chalkboard to the right of the counter.

Peace O'Pie - The EP vegan pizza

The menu is full of options, we were having a tough time deciding, but it came down to The EP and BBQ Chik’n. A foursquare tip said to go with The EP, so we did. While it wasn’t exactly my style, I liked it and it was full of interesting flavours. Smoked organic tempeh turned into ground round, sundried tomatoes, spinach and smoked garlic make for a great combination. I loved the thick fluffy crust and the slightly salty dough.

Peace O'Pie - Cheesybread

We also ordered the cheesy bread, but the mozzarella daiya didn’t really add anything extra to it, the breadstick easily stands alone. It was so deliciously salty and garlicky; it also comes with a side of their pizza sauce for dipping. If I wasn’t trying to be somewhat healthy (and yes, I’m saying somewhat, because really… we spent three days eating and drinking our faces off in Boston) I would have ordered more to go. I will think about those breadsticks until the next time I’m in the Boston area (PAXEast 2013!)

Peace O’Pie
Address: 487 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA (maps)
Website | Facebook | @veganpizza