2 Vegan Kickstarters – April 2015

Every week the folks at Vegucated post about This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding –  which is cool and useful, and I enjoy that they do a regular roundup of some of the vegan projects happening. Demetrius, one of the producers of Vegucated, also put together a great collection of tips on how to “Crowdfund Your Vegan Business” recently (on a new vegan business focused website.)

So, that ground is covered. I suggest checking them out weekly, and supporting what you can. As for me, I wanted to highlight two crowdfunding campaigns that I was particularly keen on, and if you follow me on facebook or twitter, you’ve probably heard about these a bunch already.

Driftwood Magazine

Here is their kickstarter

What is Driftwood Magazine?

“Driftwood is a celebration of what is possible in a vegan world. It’s a place to see other vegans and celebrate our world with and through each other. Every issue will be filled with stories of vegan travel adventures, profiles on people, the arts, and advancements and issues in the global vegan community.

Unlike most vegan magazines, Driftwood concentrates on people through culture and the arts. This is reflected in high-quality, visually stunning images. Our print publication is on quality paper, making Driftwood a collectible piece rather than a disposable magazine.”

Why am I into it?

I think we are ready for a non-intro-to-vegan lifestyle & travel magazine, and that’s what I see Driftwood as. It’s a life and travel magazine, that just happens to be vegan. And I dig that. A lot.

Take a look at their Vegan Faces portrait collection, and their website or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here is their video:

D-Beatstro in Toronto

What is D-Beastro?

They are one of a handful of physically accessible, all ages community spaces for DIY events in Toronto.  D-Beatstro is also a vegan cafe that has a commitment to food politics. D-Beatstro is home to various community workshops and discussions such as: Resistance is Fertile; a seeding workshop, Community discussion on accountability and responsibility from a social justice framework, Screen printing workshop for kids, and more.

While they’re working on opening up, they will be home to a few great/important events coming up like:

Why am I into it?

I think this kind of space is important, I like that they have gender neutral washrooms and are a physically accessible and all ages community space. The planned events are exciting, and the possibilities are endless. I also like that the owners and organizers seem vegan and food politics literate.

You can connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Kickstart Vegan Stuff

What else is going on in the kickstarter or indiegogo or crowdfunding world – with a focus on food justice and vegan businesses or animal sanctuaries? Anything local in Toronto?