Windsor Arms Vegan Food – In Pictures

We’ve gone to the Windsor Arms (18 Saint Thomas Street – Toronto, Ontario) twice so far, once for brunch a month or so ago, and once for dinner. Brunch was much easier to photograph, unfortunately dinner had a bit too much mood lighting to be conducive to pretty pictures.

I think it’s worth going to the Windsor Arms at least once (or twice), if not for the food, then the general dining experience, especially since vegan fine dining experiences can be few and far between depending on where you live.

The vegan options at the Windsor arms were developed by Doug McNish, ( Toronto’s vegan chef extraordinaire. He will soon be releasing a vegan, raw food cookbook called Eat Raw, Eat Well at EcoExistance (766 St. Clair Avenue West at Arlington, Toronto) on Saturday March 31st, go here for more info.

I’m looking forward to it, since the title makes me reminisce about the first meal I had from Chef Doug, when he was still at Raw Aura (in Mississauga). Raw lasagna. Yes.


Vegan Brunch - Vegan Benedict (GF)

A gluten free brunch option. - With seared smoked tofu, garlic greens, a cornmeal crusted fried tomato, on a gluten free english muffin. Topped with hollandaise sauce.

Vegan Brunch - "the Works"

Truly was The Works - Scrambled tofu, with broccoli and mushrooms, black bean chilli, sprouted grain toast and tempeh bacon. With a side of sunflower miso butter.

Vegan Brunch - Vegan Gem

Spongy delicious raspberry topped chocolate cake. Slathered with rich chocolate sauce.


Avocado tempura - Dinner at the Windsor Arms

Slices of Avocado, battered and deep fried, with a side of dark seedy mustard.

Bread - Dinner at the Windsor Arms

slightly warm sliced bread with hummus, red pepper paste and a tapenade.

Red Beet Carpacio - Dinner at the Windsor Arms

Red beet carpaccio with pumpkin seed chimichurri, grapefruit bits, topped with a micro green salad

Winter Kale Salad - Dinner at the Windsor Arms

Marinated winter kale salad, with hemp seeds, walnuts, raisins, sundried tomatoes, with avocado in a dill dressing.

Dinner at the Windsor Arms

Cornmeal crusted tempeh steaks with a spiced sweet potato coconut mash, steamed greens with caramelized onion and cherry tomato relish.

Dinner at the Windsor Arms

Vegan Gem - this time with more chocolate! Even better the second time around.

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  1. Oh wow, everything looks seriously amazing! I would love to be able to get such a fancy delicious looking brunch around here.

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