Vegan Food and Love

Around a year ago, JC and I really started to see each other. Sure we met sometime at the end of January for the first time, but this was the point at which I wasn’t travelling constantly and we really got to know each other. ┬áThis is also around this time last year that he started wooing me with his talent in the kitchen. He was pretty much the opposite of vegan when we met, but he found great recipes, followed them perfectly, and appreciated the ingredients.

One of the first things was this butternut squash soup with tofu cream. I sneakily took a picture with my phone in the kitchen (and I don’t think he saw me and yes, I’m a creep.) I remember being so damn impressed that he’d go out of his way to cook me dinner, I’m not sure why, because clearly – I’m pretty awesome, but nevertheless, I was impressed. Say what you will about men, hearts, and cooking, but the quickest way into my heart was/is through my stomach too.

Butternut squash soup

The rest of the meal was equally awesome. Homemade garlic bread, a (veganized) cassoulet, candied walnuts, and a blueberry cheesecake from Sweets from the Earth. I remember that first bite of cassoulet in detail because it was shocking. Maybe it was just being wrapped up in the moment, but that was the best thing I had ever eaten. Ever. At least up to that point (since then, we’ve hunted down and created more deliciousness together, but the cassoulet remains a fond memory.)

It might be obvious, but lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic, and looking through some of my old food photos. I stumbled upon a dish that I almost forgot, but need to make soon (or a dish I wouldn’t mind eating again… hint hint *ahem*) This Rustic Bread Eggplant Lasagna from Vegan Yum Yum (as made by JC) was incredible.

Amazing Rustic Bread Eggplant Lasagna