Let’s talk about challah, weddings, and Rosh Hashanah #VeganMoFo

In September 2011, I made my first (vegan or otherwise) challah. I remember it because, 1. I blogged all about it, and 2. It was really nerve wracking, because I had never made challah before, and I was going to JC’s family’s house for Rosh Hashanah dinner (though we had all met before then for the first […]

Time to party like it’s 5772 – Rosh Hashanah, vegan style

I’m not Jewish, except by association. But I am a huge fan of exploring food traditions, and veganizing them whenever possible, especially when they are important to people that are important to me. I started thinking about what Rosh Hashanah dish I could bring to the family get together, and poking around on the internet. […]