Expowest 2015 (Photos)

Expo West Collection smaller

I started writing this at the airport after our trip down to ExpoWest – a massive natural products trade show and networking event in Anaheim, CA, and have continued writing bits of it as time has passed. Lots of time has passed – We were at ExpoWest early last month. JC and I went last year, which lead me to post a three part look at some of the new stuff I got to see. We booked that trip in a last minute frenzy, I didn’t get much of a chance to look at some of the exhibitors I wanted to see, and there are thousands of them anyway. It’s hard to narrow it down – even with some advanced planning, it was still hard to take in everything (but I think we managed). My angle is go super intense into exploring on the Friday, and maybe into Saturday – trying everything I see that sparks my interest (and generally avoiding the ingredients section until later in the weekend) then, I have the opportunity to go back and visit some of the vendors and creators that interested me the first time around and find out a bit more information from them.…

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Griffin Takeaway – Roadtrip 2014 – Saskatoon

The Griffin Bakery on the road

I’m still travelling back in time on our Summer Roadtrip, back in July and August 2014. After we had left our lovely AirBnb in the morning and were ready to head out of town, we made three final stops in Saskatoon before driving on to Edmonton via Lloydminster. First, I visited with a Saskatoon friend and fellow volunteer and animal lover I hadn’t seen in a few years. While I spend a lot of time communicating with people online, it’s quite nice to actually get some face time in, especially since we were in town at the same time. Plus, I got to see her friendly walkable rescue spokescat Joy, again which was also great. Later JC & I visited Dad’s Organic Market – which is a great market that seems to have expanded since I lived in Saskatoon. They have a variety of organic, natural, and vegan-friendly goods. There were a few unexpected finds there – like a package of vegan gluten free perogies from local Saskatoon company Raduga Foods (unfortunately, our cooler wasn’t quite cool enough – so I never got to try them.) Finally – we went to Griffin Takeaway – which was incredibly exciting, because it opened shortly after I moved away,…

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V’s Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian in Toronto, ON

Caribbean Restaurant Vs Vegan Vegetarian

Around a month ago JC and I visited V’s Caribbean Restaurant – Vegan Vegetarian a bit late this evening, just a bit before closing (they close at around 7pm) but they still had a bit of food left so they put together a container for us, and we were really happy about it. The food was delicious and hearty, with rich satisfying flavours. This week, I went back again with a friend, and had a full and amazing plate of food – The Pong Special (named after one of their chefs) which is the perfect plate for indecisive or hungry people that want to try a little bit of everything V’s Caribbean has to offer (and I highly recommend it so you can find your own favourites!) Almost everyday – the folks at V’s post their menu for the day on Instagram – so if you follow them, suddenly when they open there is a series of posts of their various mouthwatering stews and other dishes. Today they had: Cauliflower & Lima bean stew Curry TVP (textured veggie protein) chunks Steamed/fried callaloo Curried chickpeas & potatoes Maple jerk tofu (which was straight up incredible) Creamy fried Bammies (aka cassava) and steamed okra…

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Smash Juice Bar – Grand Opening – April 20th

Juice at Smash Juice Bar small

JC and I decided to check out Smash Juice Bar for lunch on their grand opening today. Along with raw, gluten-free and mostly vegan (one item has honey in it) packaged foods (everything is well labelled), they’ve also got a nice variety of juices, kombucha, non-dairy milks, and cold press coffee. It is a nice addition to the area that’s becoming increasingly vegan friendly (with spots like Kupfert & Kim, IQ Food Co, Superfood Eateries, etc) which I couldn’t have said with much enthusiasm a few years ago. Transit accessible, walkable, and it shares the space with the newest location of Rose City Kitchen (which is vegan friendly too – hello falafel) and Clockwork Coffee (which made me an excellent soy latte today.) JC and I shared the Mediterranean Wrap and the Zucchini Linguini, plus a couple of drinks, a Refreshing Smoothie for JC, and a Cherry Chia Kombucha for me. I was pleasantly surprised by how light the Mediterranean wrap was, and the wrap balanced being strong enough to contain all the veggies and hummus, with being light enough to be easy to bite into. Ingredients: Carrots, ground flax, tomatoes, hummus, cabbage, kale, sea salt, spices  I liked the mediterranean wrap, but my…

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UFondue – Saskatoon, SK – Roadtrip 2014

Vegan Cheese Fondue

I’m still travelling back in time on our Summer Roadtrip, in July and August 2014. We visited UFondue in the last few weeks of July 2014, and it was one of the last few spots we visited before driving on to Edmonton. One of the things people often seem surprised at, and I’m still a little surprised about is that Saskatoon has a fondue restaurant. Add to that, Saskatoon has a fondue restaurant with a vegan option for all four courses, and they didn’t just recently jump on the vegan bandwagon – they’ve offered a vegan fondue option for as long as I’ve known about this restaurant, which means since somewhere in 2007. I’ve gone here for fondue a few times now, and every time feels like we’re an anomaly and it feels kind of like there is an odd vibe around it, but they keep it on the menu so I have to assume I’m not the only one ordering it. Servers try not to be awkward about it, but they are awkward about it every time. Despite this, I had to go back with JC and show him this weird and wonderful experience that inspired me and an ex-gf…

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2 Vegan Kickstarters – April 2015

clear lake riding mountain

Every week the folks at Vegucated post about This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding –  which is cool and useful, and I enjoy that they do a regular roundup of some of the vegan projects happening. Demetrius, one of the producers of Vegucated, also put together a great collection of tips on how to “Crowdfund Your Vegan Business” recently (on a new vegan business focused website.) So, that ground is covered. I suggest checking them out weekly, and supporting what you can. As for me, I wanted to highlight two crowdfunding campaigns that I was particularly keen on, and if you follow me on facebook or twitter, you’ve probably heard about these a bunch already. Driftwood Magazine Here is their kickstarter What is Driftwood Magazine? “Driftwood is a celebration of what is possible in a vegan world. It’s a place to see other vegans and celebrate our world with and through each other. Every issue will be filled with stories of vegan travel adventures, profiles on people, the arts, and advancements and issues in the global vegan community. Unlike most vegan magazines, Driftwood concentrates on people through culture and the arts. This is reflected in high-quality, visually stunning images. Our print publication is on quality paper, making…

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Let My People Eat – Passover Supper Club at The Depanneur

Supper club table

JC and I started going to The Depanneur sometime in early 2012, and have been enjoying it ever since. One of my favourite parts of The Dep are Emily Zimmerman’s Wednesday Veg Out Nights and every time she does a supper club evening – especially when it is drawing upon Jewish culinary traditions (such as during Hannukah and Passover.) Yesterday we went to the Depanneur’s Passover Supper Club evening, after excitedly buying tickets last month as soon as they became available. We went last year and had a great time, and I suspect we will just keep going to all future ones too. One of my favourite annual food events. So, there was a great crowd last night, which is a unique aspect of the supper clubs, you get to sit at a long table with strangers. While supper clubs at the Depanneur are not always super chatty, the option is always there – and this one definitely was. It was nice to see some familiar faces (like Cassandra & Erica)  and some folks from completely different spheres at the dinner last night, conversation was lively and friendly- even though many of us had only met within the hour. Anyway, I was a big fan…

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Vegan Passover Menu: Some Ideas


I’ve been attending the Passover celebrations with JC & his non-me family for the last few years, but for the first night of passover we made our own celebration at home – just the two of us. It was really nice, we read, we ate great food, we drank KFP wine, and just had an all around great evening. If you want to learn the basics of what Passover is all about, it’s been covered several times by people more with it than me, so here is a nice quick run down of the meaning and the process of some of the ritual involved. And we found the make your own Haggadot feature of Haggadot.com and the Unorthodox Haggadah really fun and culturally fulfilling, while still respecting our secular humanist beliefs. A couple of our cats joined us for the reclining portion of dinner, others disappeared into their room while we laughed and carried on reading the Unorthodox Haggadah which had some really hilarious moments. So on Friday we drove up to the Metro in Lawrence Plaza, 3090 Bathurst St, North York, because it was the most likely to be open (and it was), since this year, the first night of Passover also happened to be on…

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Review: Cookin’ Up a Storm by Laura Dakin on T.O.F.U. Magazine


With simple straightforward recipes you can use everyday, Laura Dakin’s new vegan cookbook Cookin’ Up a Storm shares stories from the sea and recipes from the Steve Irwin, one of Sea Shepherd’s Anti-Whaling Campaign vessels. It also answers questions I didn’t know I had about Sea Shepherd, like how do you feed a crew of fifty people, three times a day, for one hundred days at sea? The answer is: with careful planning. The book is full of stories of what it’s like working on a Sea Shepherd anti-whaling vessel, what the different ship roles are, and what’s involved with working in the Galley (which I now know as the area of a ship where food is cooked and prepared). Pictures of food and stories of life at sea pepper the book throughout, but it’s a well arranged publication with an effective list of contents arranged logically starting with Breakfast (or Morning Starters), then going on to Soups, Mains, Salads & Sides, Sauces, Breads, and Desserts. Read the whole review on T.O.F.U. Magazine and get a chance to win a copy! As an extra bonus – there is a giveaway going on courtesy of Book Publishing Co happening until April 9th. Visit T.O.F.U. Magazine and comment on…

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Street Art, Sunsets, Strombo, Shelter Pet Project – Things I love Thursday

sunset santa monica beach

Today’s Thing I Love Thursday list it brought to you by the letter S, and the number 4. I’m currently in Edmonton visiting my parents, which is really nice, and just a couple of days ago I was taking in the sunshine and warmth of Los Angeles and Southern California. So, there are lots of things to love, and it’s been a great couple of weeks. Here goes the list: Travelling I’m grateful that we were able to go enjoy both ExpoWest and see a few of the California sights and restaurants while we were visiting, and I’m grateful that I was able to go home for a night before flying off to Edmonton. I love our sweet troupe of cats, including the temporary members of the household. To everyone that doesn’t think cats express love without ulterior motives, I’m not convinced. Our cats love us. They came excitedly to the door when we came home, and it’s not about food – because they always have food and water available at all times. Great Street Art/Activism. This “Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk” was stenciled outside a grilled cheese restaurant by misteruncertain on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. I was delighted…

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