Things I Love Thursday/Friday -Bowlritos


I started writing this on Thursday, and then Friday appeared, and ended. But I’m still posting it. We’re working on a few things over at the JorEl house, and most of those things are good. In grown up news we recently bought some pretty spiffy new appliances to replace the old ones that came with the house. This week has been spent dealing with that – because unfortunately SOMEONE (me) failed to measure the narrowest part of the doorway. So we were well on the road to New Appliancetown, the old ones were removed, and just as they brought over the new ones… nope. Too narrow. So we got someone to come in and hack off part of our door and drywall. Seems like the perfect time of year to do it (just jokes – it’s not). But… we’re one huge leap towards being able to do our own laundry again. And while the laundromat is fun and all (& wash and fold), I miss that fresh fluffy warm blanket out of the dryer feeling. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow. I hope. Hope is no longer needed. Mission accomplished. We have grown up appliances and I’m genuinely excited to use…

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Porter House – Our First Visit to Toronto’s New Vegan Pub

Porter House Toronto

Porter House has been packed for weeks, ever since they opened in late December last year, but we lucked out on Monday and got a table right away. The trajectory of our evening was kind of funny – JC and I met at the UofT for an event on racism and the last municipal election but it was too full (for us) so we left (but followed along on twitter.) JC suggested Hot Beans – we drove over and it looked closed, with stools on tables, so we were homeward bound. If not for the fateful decision to go down Dundas, our evening might have looked completely different. But as we moved closer to the Brockton/Rusholme area… again, JC had a good idea – Why not Porter House? Why not? The other few times we’ve tried to go – it’s been really busy, which is good for them, not so good for us. They don’t take reservations, so what you see is what you get. But what about Monday? Well, as we found out, it was a good time to get in there, when we arrived at 6:30ish, there were seats available. We took a peak at the menu –…

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Beechwood Doughnuts Grand Opening in St. Catharines

beechwood doughnuts haul

This weekend we drove down to spend the day in St. Catharines. Why? Mostly because Beechwood Doughnuts was having their grand opening, but it just worked out that we could do a whole bunch of things in St. Catharines (besides eating donuts.) Beechwood Doughnuts is run by several of the folks that made the donuts at Rise Above, but if you had them before, as I found out this weekend,  they’re even more awesome now. JC got to play Magic at Phoenix Rising, a game store conveniently located just a few blocks away from Beechwood Doughnuts, and I got to hang out with a few mugs of coffee at Mahtay Cafe  &  the internet. (& checked out the photo exhibit in the community room.) Plus, this visit allowed us the opportunity to visit with a friend that lives in the city, where I was reminded I don’t dislike all dogs, just some of them (Gilda being one of the exceptions.) Starting at around 10:20, JC and I stood outside Beechwood Doughnuts, along with the brave soul that started the line. Until she showed up, I had been sitting in the care waiting for more people to show up. And more people showed up. By around…

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Birthday Birthday Birthday (mine)

vegan birthday cake

I’ll get back to Toronto/Ontario stuff soon, but so far, I’m still reminiscing about NYC. Besides, I want to write about a certain vegan bar at some point… but it’s been too happenin’ for me to eat there. As of last month I am yet another year older. Which is of course something that happens every year… but this time I have (yet again) successfully entered into a whole new decade, which still feels like it means nothing much. But now I have to select an entirely new section on drop down boxes. And this number has so much baggage. Thinking back, it doesn’t feel like a significant amount of time has passed, though this year has felt like it’s passing by at a snails pace – for better or worse. Back to the less introspective navel gazing portion of my birthday celebration though…. once again, JC went out of his way to make my birthday special, despite my terrible act of waking up much earlier than usual and almost messing up the order of things. My actual date of birth – December 26th results in some regular complications because places close. Regularly. I woke up to hear JC leaving our temporary…

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Things I Love Thursday – Cookbooks & Friends

vegan cuisine goes mainstream

What about January? I could complain about the cold, a standard Canadian past time, except I find it familiar, and almost pleasant assuming the wind is to a minimum. I like the familiar crunch of my boots on the snow and the cement when the temperature gets to a certain low level. And I like knowing that in this hustle and bustle of a big city, there are other fellow prairie ex-pats living here that feel the same way. On with the Thursday list: Jadłonomia Over the past two months I’ve been attempting to get a vegan cookbook for my mother and her birthday earlier this month, sure this would be easy, if not for the fact that it required more effort than just ordering it from amazon and being done with it. Jadłonomia – a Polish vegan cookbook, was not on amazon at all. It’s not in a local bookstore (at least not local to me), and I had to dust off some cabinets in my brain to read a few Polish websites to successfully place the order. And when there are technical difficulties in another language, things become extra fun. Emails are exchanged, as I provide both English and…

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Wandering around New York City

loaded smashed potato

For the last few weeks we were in New York City, cat sitting and relaxing for a friend of a friend. The nice part about NYC is being able to get nearly anything I want, whenever I want. Maybe it’s the large population in a relatively small area, maybe it’s just America in general, but it always seems like anything is possible there. Maybe that why I keep getting drawn back into the fold. We were staying in Hells Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan which was conveniently located just outside of the delivery zones of a variety of delicious vegan restaurants, thankfully, this helped encourage us to go outside somewhat regularly. As it was tempting to do as Gizmo is doing above (the cat we were borrowing for our visit), and remain inside, wrapped in blankets, ordering delivery food (thanks seamless!) and groceries (thanks instacart!) and at most standing by the window looking outside. But ultimately, the trip still managed to remind me how much I like walking, in spite the cold. So we did a lot of walking, our google fit and pebbles excitedly buzzing and displaying cheers after a few hours of significant activity everyday. Long walks to wherever. Sometimes…

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Things I Love 2014 (beware pictures!)

I feel like it’s been too long since I took a moment to write a TILT. Too long. Last year even! To be honest, I started writing this last week, on January 1st, which also just happened to be a Thursday but got side tracked. But really, what better time to look back on 2014, and say, you were pretty decent, and I liked you? Better late than never? I suppose that’s been my policy for blogging in general. 2014 was a year of awesome travel, great experiences, and lots of plans & plots that are sure to carry through to 2015. The first few days of January 2014 were spent in the southern United States. We rang in the New Year in New Orleans. I never blogged about it, but what a beautiful way to ring in the New Year, off in the French Quarter, so many people from so many different places together. February 2014 is when one of my favourite fundraisers in Toronto happens – Recipe for change. I took a bunch of pictures and enjoyed the whole event greatly. I’m looking forward to it this year too. March 2014 was my first visit to Los Angeles, and when…

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Buffalo, NY – Amy’s Place

Biff Sandwich with curly fries

A couple of weeks ago we drove down to Buffalo to fly on to New York City. It made sense to do it this way because I had about 4lbs of “imperfect” Cocomels waiting for me at our American mailbox, and JC had some secret (my) birthday stuff to pick up too. Plus flights were significantly cheaper (even considering long term parking at the Buffalo Airport) from Buffalo than any of the Toronto airports. Before our flight and after our visit to packagetown, we opted to go to Amy’s Place. Located in Buffalo’s University Heights, it’s not exclusively vegan, but has a lot of vegan options on the menu, and has great hours. Seemed like a popular spot, because we took one of the last available tables in the restaurant, in the early afternoon. Our last visit to Buffalo involved a quick meal from Merge, but it was nice to try another veg-friendly spot in town, and one people seemed to be pretty enthusiastic about when I mentioned it. Well, I get it now. Service was friendly and fast, it seemed like just moments after we ordered that our plates arrived, but that could also be because JC left to find an ATM that…

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Vegan December Holidays

holiday meals

We’re in New York City, continuing a holiday tradition JC started when he surprised me with a trip away for my birthday in 2012, and we spent new years eve/day in Las Vegas. Then last year were spent it in New Orleans. And now this year, NYC. It spawned from one of those silly ideas where you think… where is the biggest party – where it the place people go to ring in the new year? So we’re in NYC this year, conveniently staying in someone elses otherwise empty and extremely beautiful apartment because a friend of a friend that usually lives here needed someone to take care of her cat. Sometimes lucky doesn’t begin to cover it. Before we left town though, there were a few holiday celebrations to be had. We celebrated Hanukkah on the first night with JC’s family. Or rather, I arrived late after a harrowing day and still had plates full of awesome homemade latkes. And we all exchanged presents. (here is a great collection of Latke recipes from One Green Planet) The Depanneur Hanukkah Party And no Hanukkah week would be complete without at least one trip to The Depanneur for one of Emily Zimmerman’s vegan…

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Tuesdates with Bloomers

Cobb Salad from Bloomers

I’m in New York City until next year, so I’m missing my usual Tuesday Bloomers Visit. (it’s capitalized because it’s turned into a thing.) Bloomers has been open for several months now (since August), and ever since they launched their lunch menu a month or so ago, I’ve been going every Tuesday to get some work done (they have free wifi and a decent amount of power outlets), grab some food and have a few coffees. I’m not the only one that does this, but I’m not sure if people just go all the time, or they also follow a Tuesdate schedule. I see some familiar faces and it’s kind of neat to have a place like on my side of town, that just happens to be vegan, and comfortable. There are three booths, and several tables, both high top and regular. There is a slight height variation to get into Bloomers, and the door is not automatic, but it does appear wide enough for a wheelchair to get in. Restrooms are in the back and on the main floor. So every Tuesday, around 12 – 3pm I’m sitting at Bloomers with my laptop, always a coffee, and maybe a lunch item or…

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