Earth Balance Giveaway on Facebook (Canada Only)

Win Me

What I like is sharing vegan food. We’ve been picking up boxes of Earth Balance mac & cheese every-time we have visited the USA, and I want to share it with some other vegan or vegan mac & cheese curious person in Canada. Especially for folks that might not be zipping back and forth between the USA and Canada like we are. The giveaway is entirely on Facebook, and to enter, just comment on this post on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook, and still want to enter, I’ll add you to the pool of contenders, just sent me an email (but it’s a scavenger hunt – you can find it on my About Me Page). Post by Vegan In Your City.

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Detroit – Brooklyn Street Local

Brooklyn Street Local Vegan Brunch

Friday night JC and I drove down to Detroit this weekend for a quick shopping trip, and a brief getaway from Toronto. Our first stop after a reasonably restful, but also semi-mediocre stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Detroit was Brooklyn Street Local, a diner-y spot with the V word on the menu,  which was a mere 20 minute walk from the hotel. Before we left, I clicked on my ResQwalk App which I’m using to passively raise money for SCAT Street Cat Rescue a cat rescue in Saskatoon that I’m still involved with from afar.  According to the app, the walk from the hotel was a little over 2 km (which didn’t actually matter, since the more I walk with the app on, the more money the rescue can raise.) We got to Brooklyn Street Local, and they were full, but we went up to the hostess and left our name with her. She invited us to grab a coffee outside and wait. The wait seemed to go by quickly, and I’m sure it was aided by their brilliant idea to have an outdoor coffee station for all the folks hanging around waiting for their turn at breakfast. And probably decent…

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Inglis Grain Elevators – Inglis, Manitoba

inglis grain elevators

We took a short detour off our drive to Saskatoon from Riding Mountain National Park to visit Inglis, Manitoba. Why Inglis? Because my non-prairie urban Torontonian husband is fascinated with Grain Elevators, and I’m always pretty excited about National Historic Sites, so it seemed like the perfect stop to visit along the way, it wasn’t that far off the highway, and it’s a very worthwhile piece of history. If you don’t care about grain elevators, best just skip this post, because that’s all I’m going to talk about. I took so many photos and random shots in Inglis and near the elevators, but it’s hard to decide which angle of a Grain Elevator will be particularly compelling.  I find these buildings fascinating, and still historically significant in terms of how people transported, contained, and processed part of their food. If you’re interested, Inglis has an outside walking tour guide available online where you can read through and see the different buildings and their importance. What I found quite interesting about this place, and checking their website, is that you can see the amount of restoration that this town and probably Parks Canada has put into rehabilitating these old grain elevators.…

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Riding Mountain National Park – Manitoba

clear lake riding mountain

After Winnipeg, and before Saskatoon we took a trip to visit Riding Mountain National Park for a few days. It would be the second time we camped so far on our little adventure (the first was at a Michigan State Park,) but it would remain as one of the highlights of the trip. As I reflect on the entire trip through Canada and the USA, I realize that most of my highlights and favourite places  are all in National Parks or places where we had an opportunity to see natural beauty and surprisingly did not generally include all the wonderful food places we visited (although that was nice too.) Loading The adventure continues. Goodbye Winnipeg. On to Riding Mountain National Park. View on Instagram One thing we weren’t ready for – mosquitos. People said there were mosquitos. But we didn’t really believe them until we saw the swarms in person. But that’s not fun. Let’s start at the beginning. We woke up fairly early and started driving westward toward the park. I had booked a nice looking site online, through the parks Canada booking system, in Wasagaming. We had a tent and equipment with us, but I was really tempted…

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Things I Love Thursday – Autumn, as usual.

changing tree

I love Autumn. I’m going to continue saying it, until it rolls into winter – then I will be less enthusiastic. But until then I will bask in the changing colours and the slightly cooler temperatures (which I prefer.) I love that the weather is perfect for mid afternoon coffee stops, while also being comfortable for outdoor walking. I’m looking forward to the Marineland Closing Day Demonstration on Sunday, and I’m looking forward to bringing along JC to his first Marineland Demo. We’ve booked a weekend at PieBird Farmstay in Nippissing, in Northern Ontario later this month to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which should be a tonne of fun. I’ve never been that far north in Ontario, and it looks like a lovely little place, both as a farm sanctuary AND bed and breakfast, so I’m looking forward to sharing more about the food and location in a few weeks. If you’ve been there, I’d love to hear any highlights of the Nippissing area, as I’ve never been up there. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Sunshine, and the rest of their rescues! Overall, it’s been a nice and busy week. And I’m greatly looking forward to the weekend.

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Weekend Vegan Cheeseboard

vegan cheese board

I keep thinking about having a little gathering at home, but travel or being sick seem to keep getting in the way. Well, last Saturday I was still feeling crummy, but I felt compelled to make something… voila the cheeseboard. Featuring: Teese Mozzarella Treeline Cracked Pepper Hard Cheese Crackers Baked pickle spears wrapped in Yves salami Olives stuffed with jalapeños or fresh garlic. more crackers Buchie & Sash Red Pepper Cream Cheese Goji Berries Kite Hill Soft Fresh Truffle, Dill & Chive Chopped up garlic pickles Sliced peach, tomato, and sliced teese mozzarella salad. Walnuts Every cracker I could find in the house, which turned out to be next to none. (even including the melba toast.) I want to make this again, maybe with smaller boards so each of us can just have our own. No sharing needed. What’s your favourite vegan cheeseboard combo – assuming you have one.  I think it would be fun to play around with more flavours and colours soon.  

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Thanksgiving Pre-order options

I’ve been noticing more and more vegan-friendly thanksgiving pre-order options popping up every year in Toronto, which is probably great, both for vegans and people with vegans in the family coming for dinner, especially if they are not quite sure what to feed them. This list also gives a good number of options for people with dairy or egg allergies, some gluten free options, and more. So here is a list of everyone I’ve seen so far I will continue to update it as I see more, feel free to send me hot tips: Through Being Cool Vegan Bakery Pumpkin Pie Cookie Pack Butter Tarts Apple Crisp Veggie Gravy Pot Pie Lentil Loaf Scalloped Potatoes Dinner Rolls Cranberry Sauce Orders must be placed in the store. (1277 Bloor St. West, closed Mon. Tues-Sat 9-7 Sun 9-5) Bunner’s Bake Shop If you’re looking for gluten-free vegan fare, look no further. As a gluten-fan I’ve still loved so many of their baked goods and treats that it’s been fantastic to have a gluten-free option that didn’t taste like it was missing something. They do good work. Kensington pick-ups: 647-350-2975 Junction pick-ups: 647-352-2975 Savouries: Stuffing 6×9″ tray – $12 (contains soy lecithin)…

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A Final TILT for Vegan MoFo – Things I Loved – Soup, Salads, and Pumpkins.

Things I Love

I’ve enjoyed looking through all the posts and thoughts and recipes throughout Vegan MoFo, having all the blogs collected together on Feedly has been pretty great, and while I’m still (STILL) lamenting the loss of Google Reader, feedly does a decent job of aggregating RSS feeds, and I like that it’s integrated with a bunch of other services I like to use. I woke up feeling terrible this morning, I had to scrape myself out of the bed cocoon I had created with pillows, and try to get in motion, because I tend to follow one of Newton’s law’s of motion, this one especially: An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it. Even sitting up makes a huge difference in how I’m feeling, and I feel better when I’m moving around, than when I’m laying in one place being miserable. But it was tough. JC was kind enough to pick up some ginger, and then chopped it up, and boiled it in a pot of water, with some slippery elm bark blended beefree honee, and a splash of cayenne in an attempt at shortening the duration of these crummy feelings. Also, I…

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A revolving restaurant in Winnipeg? – Prairie 360

Prairie 360 Winnipeg

On our last evening in Winnipeg, we had to check out Prairie 360, a revolving restaurant in downtown Winnipeg. Yes, a revolving restaurant in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. We went to Prairie 360 as a part of July 2014’s Ciao Winnipeg organized Eat Winnipeg prix fixe special. Prairie 360 does have other vegan food on their regular menu, but the special dishes narrowed it down, and it was a pretty great deal too. First of all, you have to get up there, in a elevator that doesn’t quit, we were seated near the window, with lots of room and comfortable seating, and probably one of the best views of Winnipeg – facing the new (and increasingly controversial) Canadian Human Rights Museum. It’s a beautiful and weird looking building, and we had a great view of it, and all of Winnipeg from up on high. I’ve had some negative experiences with revolving restaurants before, so I was a bit nervous about seating  – but we were arranged thoughtfully, and it wasn’t packed, so we got to enjoy the view and our own little private zone. They start with bread and butter (but brought us a dish of olive oil when we asked.)…

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That time I made Samosa Soup

samosa soup

So, as of last Thursday, I was obsessed with making Samosa Soup from Yup, it’s Vegan. But we were away in Washington DC, and Baltimore for ExpoEast, and I didn’t have access to a kitchen, but the day we got back I had to make Samosa Soup. The air in Toronto is still reasonably warm but it also has that distinct taste of autumn wafting around. The leaves were green last week, and now they are dramatic reds and golds (though there is still a lot of green left too), so a hearty spicy potato soup seemed like the perfect thing to make and eat and share. The problem with me and recipes, is that unless I’m testing recipes for someone’s upcoming cookbook, I don’t follow the recipe. I look at it, and I’m inspired by flavours or techniques, but otherwise, I change nearly everything, and go my own way. This one was pretty inspiring, so I went with it. My version turned into more of a one-pot-meal (+ 1 bowl.) First I fried up onions, leeks, garlic & spices (turmeric, guaram masala, coriander) in a large pot with a splash of olive oil, then set them aside together in a bowl. Next was the…

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