VEMF: Victoria Electronic Music Festival

I’ve spent most of the last two days in Centennial Park in Downtown Victoria. Why? The Victoria Electronic Music Festival! VEMF is an annual event that happens in Victoria, and it’s easy to see how it could have been voted one of Victoria’s favourite events. So many people came out and had a wonderful time.


I’m so glad that I got involved in it while I was here. Saturday morning I helped with set up, which was interesting. I learned that I never ever want to put up a heavy metal fence ever again, and that I much prefer putting up event tents. Who knew. 🙂 Sunday night I went on my volunteer shift and asked “What do I do?” I was told… “Dance and have a good time, and make sure everyone else is having a good time.” Amazing. There were only a few minor things I needed to talk to people about, mostly checking in with them to make sure they were doing okay or if they needed anything.


Absoulutely wonderful experience, and I got to see DJ Dan and several other awesome artists.