Vegan Mofo – Day 0 – Polish Vegan Things

It’s almost time for Vegan MoFo.

What is Vegan MoFo? I’m glad you asked – it’s an annual celebration of Vegan Food. If you want to read about the history, I recommend going straight to the source and reading What is VeganMoFo on the VeganMoFo site.

I have participated in nearly all of them except the one last year (and I would have, but I missed signing up due to the fog of new motherhood.) This year my goal is to try and post on the blog 5 times a week and a substantive comment on at least 10 blogs a day – ideally ones I have not interacted much with before, and always if a stumble upon a post has no comments.

Please connect with me on Instagram and/or on Facebook, and I look forward to meeting new fellow vegan food fans during October!

The Theme

Vegan Mofo has a bunch of great ideas for posts throughout the month, which you can see here on their handy prompts page, but I’ve decided to go with a theme that is close to my heart, and heritage – Polish Vegan Things.

So the aim is All Polish Food, veganized. I’d also like to talk about some of the cool stuff happening in Poland for veganism and animal rights, as well as some of the great cookbooks and Polish blogs out there. I speak and read Polish quite fluently, but writing it is still not a strong point – so sadly, and sorry, my posts wont be bilingual – perhaps someday.

work in progress

Several weeks ago, I picked up a big beautiful leafy green head of cabbage started a batch of sauerkraut that I’m hoping to use in a recipe for Bigos – which is a hearty “hunters” stew that is just perfect for fall – and the fermented cabbage is pretty much ready to be eaten, so that is coming up as a recipe for sure. If you want to make your own sauerkraut or kapusta kiszona it’s really incredibly and surprisingly easy – but it just takes some time.

You can follow my super easy guide from way back when I took a class at the wonderful West End Food Coop – Fermentation 101.


Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow, probably with a recipe close to my heart. Thanks for reading!