Udupi Palace – Consistently Great & Kid Friendly

It’s become increasingly more important to me that a place be kid friendly when we go out to eat as a family. That can’t be surprising, we have a three year old, and since he was born, our eating habits have changed.

Sometimes that involves eating at home more often (also including delivery), sometimes that involves suffering through long waits and an impatient tiny human. It’s not like we’re not feeling impatient too, it’s just easier to pretend you like waiting when you’re a adult.

There is one place in the city that stands out as having nearly everything we want, while still allowing us the experience of dining out – Udupi Palace. We rarely go to the east end (though there are more and more reasons to do so) but Udupi Palace is worth the drive/transit ride.

They have a great little kids play area that is probably suitable for anyone under the age of 6, lots of high chairs of various sizes, they have a changing station in the back, the staff are kind and patient with children (and adults), and the food is awesome. Every time.

I have this bonus fondness for Udupi because we went there a lot when I was pregnant too – the spicy rassam was exactly what I wanted to eat during the third trimester. Plus JC reminded me that it was also one of the first restaurants I took him to when we met – and one he had never been to, so it’s clearly a long term favourite.

Masala Dosa - Udupi Palace
Here is the Masala Dosa – it comes with a coconut cream chutney and sambhar

Nearly the whole menu is vegan or veganizable, and I am still so surprised when veg people that live in Toronto say they’ve never been to Udupi Palace – so here is my pitch – not that they need it, but – go to Udupi Palace.

I think the one thing that makes Udupi Palace not the perfect place, and that’s the lack of accessible entrance – so that can make it harder for the whole family to eat together. There are about 6-7 steps down to get to the restaurant.