Things I Love Thursday – Food.

Things I Love Thursday Short List:

  • Gluten free vegan bakery options in Toronto are expanding – new one opening
  • Healthy eating has increased, home cooking has increased
  • Received my Molecule-R Gastronomy kit in the mail today
  • Rekindled love of penpals and hand written letter writing
  • Vibrams at the office

Things I’m excited about today is that there isn’t just one Gluten Free Vegan Bakery in Toronto – but two. At least starting tomorrow. While I love Bunner’s, I’m very excited to see that Tori’s Bakeshop will be opening on the other side of town in the Beaches. So I’m going to mosey over there sometime tomorrow (opening day), try some treats, take some pictures, and maybe share with JC (and maybe not.)

Here is a collection of photos on flickr from Knot PR

My attempts at bringing a lunch to work have been mostly successful. I still ended up going out twice, but both times it was something reasonably healthy. I’m lucky that Rawlicious (20 Cumberland Ave, Toronto, ON) and Mela Cafe (7 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON) are so close to me – but really, being in Yorkville, I’m generally in a good area for food.


On Monday I tried something off of RawliciousSpring Menu (and it was almost feeling springy) – the Pesto wrap was wicked. But oddly enough… the salad was what I really had a hankering for. Oh under appreciated lettuce – get in my belly.

Mela Cafe - Panini

Yesterday I had a breaded eggplant, basil, tomato panini from Mela Cafe. I’m a basil fanatic and this did it for me. I’ve been to Mela before, but it was especially great this time.

My Molecular Gastronomy Kit arrived! (as well as the one for JC’s sister) – I am so excited about playing around with this kit, but honestly, I cannot wait to see what Becca comes up with.


So hopefully I can start making new and awesome creations with food very soon.

This week on non rainy days I’ve been wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers. I love these shoes because they make me feel connected with the ground I’m walking on, but they’re also really really comfortable. The major improvement for me is that I picked up a pair of Injinji toe socks – they keep my feet dry and warm, which is perfect for the fall/spring weather we’ve been having lately.

I wore these to work.